Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nativities for Jars

Man it has been busy this holiday season!  
These nativity jars are just one of the many, many custom orders that have dominated my time lately.
These guys turned out so cute I had to share!

It took a bit to get things just right for the mason jars.  These ones are pint sized.
That tapered curve at the bottom make things tricky, but I finally worked out the strip pieces to fit just right if they are raised up about 1/2".

Now I just need to find jars that are smooth on the back.  Like used mayo jars or something.  That will be the next thing I hunt for.

Anyway, I figure these would be the perfect centerpiece for our next Christmas dinner or for the girls at church to make at their next activity.  The jars are less than $.50 each, the vinyl from $.50-$2, candles between $.25 and $.50, these guys fit the budget!
You can message me here or on my Etsy if you need some vinyl stickers, otherwise show me jars you made!  I would LOVE to see them!

Now back to work!  Just another day or two and I get to close my shop for my OWN family happy holidays.  Merry Christmas!

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