Monday, July 28, 2014

Champions For Kids Delivery!

Today was the day Emmalee and I delivered our school supply donations to the local elementary school.

We had a meager donation, but even our small stash was warmly welcomed and much appreciated.  The sweet receptionist said even one pencil helps one child.  And that is totally true.  Our school asked for enough pencils for all the kids in the summer school program.  They also said they run out of the 2 pocket folders every year.  Emmalee and I decided that was where we would focus our money.  I found the pencils at a steal of a deal at Walmart, and picked up the basic folders there for $.15 each.  Just to add some spunk, I added vinyl to the fronts.  I used permanent vinyl so hopefully it won't curl up and come off after the rough wear and tear that awaits them ;0}

I thought I would cut the letters out of white for the black folders, but when I went to put it on the folders I discovered it was not white, but CLEAR!  Ugh.  Well, we put it on anyway and just splashed on a spray or two of spray paint.  Once the vinyl was peeled back off we were left with this fun look.  Emmalee loved it so much she made me make her one too.

Finally the two of us finished the vinyl and went to bed last night.  Today we wrapped everything up and took it to the school.

This fabulous lady is the coordinator for the summer school program.  She was so sweet and gladly accepted our goods.  Emmalee loved knowing she was helping other kids get more out of school by giving them tools to learn with.

We also stopped by the local participating Walmart in our area.  If you want to know if your Walmart is on the list, you can find out HERE.  It took a bit of hunting to find the display...
But we found it!  The Champions for Kids display looks like this.  It is full of backpacks ready to purchase.  You can pick up a backpack, for only $19.97 at my store, and take it up to the cashier to purchase.  Once you have paid for it, there is a coupon booklet with $50 in coupons inside that is yours.  You leave the backpack in the donation bin or with a Customer Service Representative and take the coupons for yourself.  What a simple way to give.

One lucky kid will get the backpack full of all the school supplies they need.  Emmalee wants one for herself ;0}  We had to do a little explaining there in the isle.  She was all for purchasing a bag once she realized who would be getting the goods.  

Thank you, Champions For Kids, Purell, Unilever and Elmers for letting the SewCakeMaker's be apart of the fun.  Now you readers need to get to Walmart.  You only have 4 more days to purchase your backpacks!!!

***Disclosure: I received stipend from Champions For Kids and The Motherhood as part of my participation in this program. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hunt & Gather

I finally got to go visit this store in Minneapolis, Hunt & Gather.  I came across it when searching for antique store, thrift store, and junk store on google.  I have been trying to track down some old metal casters for my living room table for a few weeks and was really hoping to find some here in the Twin Cities.

Check out the outside of this store!!!  
Doesn't it get your thrifting engine revving!?!

Um, half of this stuff I have never even thought of finding.  Check out those old laundry carts!  

I desperately want this set of blue metal lockers!!!  I can think of about five different places they would be fun to use in my house.  Now to sell more crafts so I can buy this!!!

Um, want that yellow cart too... and everything inside the store!

Suitcases.  Some as low as $15.  On the list?  Check!

I am going to stop talking and let you just look...

She wanted a picture of the gold flatwear.  

Who would even think of using old paint can lids as art???


I was all excited when I saw the $8 price tag...then realized that is the tag for the crate, not the casters.  Still, at $25 I can come back once a month and get them one at a time.

Arizona Mary, this one is for you <3 p="">

And a railroad cart!  They have one!!!  I was pinning them like crazy a few weeks ago.  This one is priced as I have seen them online, $400.  Not in my budget but I will be back to visit :0}

Don't you just love a good Hunt through a huge collection of gathered junky treasures!?!  I need to find more stores like this!

Winner, Winner!

We have a winner!  

Thanks all who donated to our Champion's for Kids school supply drive.  We were able to buy enough pencils for all the kids at Shannon Park Elementary Summer School starting this next week, as well as several folders needed by the school.  

This handsome devil goes to 
Kendra Richardson
of  Cape Coral, Florida!!!

Kendra I will email you for your address.  Everyone else, call your local school and ask what they are in need of.  Every little bit helps our kids, the leader's of tomorrow! 

 And don't forget to stop by your local Walmart and check out the Champions for Kids display.
I will be back Monday with pictures of delivering the goods.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We can all be Champions for Kids! {and giveaway}

I have the exciting opportunity, through, to share details about Champions for kids!  These two organizations have teamed up along with Elmer's, Purell, Unilever, and Walmart to help get school supplies in the hands of those kids that need them most.  
Here are a few details about Champions for Kids before I get to the Giveaway:
More than 16 million American children live in poverty. For many, buying the items they need to succeed in the classroom can be a challenge.
Children with quality school supplies are better equipped to succeed academically and creatively, and that's why The Motherhood is joining Champions for Kids, along with Elmer's, Purell, Unilever and Walmart, for this Twitter party to spread the word about a SIMPLE Giving initiative that can help give kids the resources they need to thrive. 

The initiative is taking place in more than 3,000 Walmart stores across the U.S., collecting school supplies for children in need! Anyone can participate in the campaign simply by purchasing and donating a backpack full of school supplies at your local Walmart store from July 7 through August 1. In addition to the school supplies, each backpack contains a coupon booklet valued at over $50! Simply remove the coupon booklet from the backpack to use yourself and place the backpack full of supplies in the school bus donation bin - the money you'll save by using the coupon booklet will pay for the backpack you donated, and your donation will help a local child. For a full list of participating stores, click here.

For even more ways to give back locally with Champions For Kids' check out SIMPLE Service Projects.  You will find projects like the Lend a Hand Project, sponsored by Purell; and the Let's Bond Project, sponsored by Elmer's. SIMPLE Service Projects provide easy ways to help kids in your own community through four easy steps -- Gather, Learn, Give and Share! 

That gets me to my fabulous part of this whole project.  I was asked to run a school or craft supply drive here in my community.  Life has been more than crazy busy, so I have had a really hard time deciding where to focus my champion-type efforts.  Finally, after several days of stewing over this, I called my daughter's local school.  We don't start back until after Labor Day, so I don't actually have her teacher assignment yet, but I DO know a fabulous lady that works in the office of the school.

When I say that this lady is fabulous, it really is a gross understatement
 Never in my life have I seen a more smiley or inviting face sitting behind the desk in the front office of any building, much less the school.  Seriously.  In addition to her inviting personality, she knows me and my daughter after only a handful of times of checking my little student in or out of class.  Anyway, I called this lovely lady and gave her a very mumbled explanation of the project I had in mind.  She checked with the Summer School coordinator and came back with a list of things they need right now and a few items they typically run out of from the supplies donated by a local church.

I am so glad I called.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!  So here is the deal.  With the summer so crazy for everyone, I am going to run a 48 hour school supply drive.  You all are my community too, so I wanted to open the opportunity up to my fabulous bloggies too!  The list given me was actually very meager.  They need pencils, spiral notebooks, and plain 2 pocket folders.  

If you would like to donate, I will take actual school supplies, or you can simply donate a dollar or two via this paypal button:

Even one or two dollars will help.  Just FYI, if you pay from a paypal balance or a debit card, there are no fees taken from your donation.  If you pay with a credit card there is like a 3% charge, so to have your full amount donated to the cause, please use a debit card or your paypal balance ;0}  But we will take your credit card payments too!

At the end of the 48 hour period I will have a drawing for this fabulous set
My studious little book worm and his apple-y snack.  
I will do a random drawing of all local and online donations, then I will be back Friday with the winner and pictures of us purchasing the supplies.

Please leave a comment or email me with any questions!!!
And don't forget to check out the Champions for Kids display at your local Walmart!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Oh did I have fun with this little lady!  Meet Emersyn.  Forget the curly locks of golden hair and her irresistible toothy grin.  This girl had me when they said I could call her Emmers :0}

I keep spelling her name with two m's thanks to MY Emmers.  

This little sweetheart was so smiley and bubbling with excitement.  She was so darling I had a terrible time picking pictures to share.

Adorable.  She loved the cake too.  Just look at that content little grin. 
 Happy First Birthday Emersyn!
You can see the full color versions on the V Photography Studios Facebook Page I just started.  It is a work in progress, so check back later to see more of my pics ;0}

Friday, July 18, 2014


Check out this little doll!  I got to take Carlyn's pictures for her third birthday and loved every minute!  

She was a little timid at first, but even her shy pictures turned out striking.  This little girl is going to be a heartbreaker Mom.  You better keep an eye on her.

I finally got someone to try out my crowns I made a few weeks ago!!!

I was more than excited to finally have a little girl with some hair ;0}
Carlyn was more than a little excited to put these princess crowns to use!

Had to sneak a picture of Mom in there too.  They think they hate it, but then they see the pictures and usually love them.

I try to do a mix of the traditional posed pictures, but always end with natural shots of the kids just being kids.  Those are the pictures I cherish most of my kids.  The photos caught of their cute REAL smiles.
And this girl, she has an adorable real smile!

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