Friday, March 29, 2013

Such a Hoppy Family

Ok, last Easter craft I will show you today!!!!
This one has to be my favorite :0}
I had some ladies over on Tuesday to paint some bunnies.  I had the bigger bunny and three flowers for everyone to paint however they liked.

Ending up with one or two extra, I decided to make my family.
I hit the garage to cut out three little trouble makers that could resemble my own little monsters.

Above is Dad and Madison.  I still want to make a little tutu for the Madison bunny since my Madison just can't get enough of them....even at 14

Here is Momma and Eli bunny.  My nutty son absolutely loves to wear bow ties.  That is why his bunny had to have a bow tie.

My littlest princess bunny has a silvery crown.  I also have a little wand I will put on when I get her tutu finished.  Sadly, I have no more time for my "Hare"y family today.  With any luck my girls will have their skirts before the weekend is through though.  No worries.

I am loven' these chunky flowers too!
I love it when I have left overs ;0}

Miscellaneous Maker Stuff

I finally took down my St. Patrick's Day decorations that have lived on the mantel for over a month now.  I wanted to snap a quick pick of these guys before they hit the storage box.

The three non-sparkly shamrocks above were cut out the same time as my snowman head in January, intended for the front door, but alas, they were also too small.  I am totally happy though because they made a festive addition to the mantel.  I had intended to make a huge leprechaun head for the front door in their place, but never managed to get that project done.  Watch for him next year ;0)  I have the whole idea totally imaged in my mind...I might even have to make him next week just to make sure he is born!

Here are more of my shamrocks and the cute sparkly rainbow I made last year.  Looking back now I didn't do a very good job of posting them :0O

I also made this Easter Egg for a Door Decoration, just in case the bunny didn't work out.  

It wasn't actually that.  I had both the bunny and the egg swimming around in my head and decided to make them both.

Don't you love the little chicks!?!  I am not sure I love them on the egg, but they did turn out darling!  They are just missing a little squirt of yellow feathers on the top of their heads and they will be perfect.  I will get on that later :0)

Easter Is At Our Door

I feel like I have been painting for four days now.  I finally got to some wood projects Monday between running children, napping {still trying to recover from our "vacation"}, and trying to get my house clean enough to show {YeAH rIgHT!  Like that is ever gonna happen!!!}.

I cut out this handsome devil and about a thousand other projects :0)
The number of projects cut out is why I didn't get Sir Hops-A-Lot finished and on my door until today.  We are leaving out of town today...did I mention that!

That means I won't even get to enjoy seeing his cheery face upon my door step, but my neighbors can wink at him for me as they drive by.

I made the majority of my bunny out of 1/4" mdf plywood.  I cut him out, sanded the edges like I love on my disk sander, then painted him up, sanding again, then gluing him all together.

This door is not mine, so I haven't hammered a hole in it to hang my projects.  That is why I have the unsightly wreath hanger, but when we move, I am hoping to put it to rest. 

"Emmers.  I am still taking pictures, Love.  
Can you shut the door please?"

Emmalee's response: 
"Oh, so sorry to ruin your picture Mom!  I thought you were finished."

Mom's response:
"Darlin', you could NEVER ruin my pictures :0) 
You are my dolly!"

We in the Sew*CakeMaker household wish you a very reflective Easter weekend, 
Not all about the bunnies, but about the love and sacrifice that inspired the holiday.
Oh, and have a very Hoppy Spring!

p.s.The pattern is for sale, only $4 and instantly downloadable on my Etsy site.  Let me know if you have any questions ;0}

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Foster Family {Love}

I had another special request for the I {Heart} Family blocks.  Why didn't I think of a Foster Family block!
You can download that file HERE...
or find all my other block printables HERE.

THIS LINK will get you to my original post and instructions.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fall-ish Family Photos

I wanted to get some of the fabulous clothes I just recently made on the blog today, but to be totally honest, I just don't have the energy.  Instead, I will show you some family pictures I took in the fall.

One night after our movers threw all our belongings into the garage, this cute family came over and helped us get the heavier stuff inside.  
As a way of saying thank you for their so sweet kindness, I offered to take their family pictures in the park down the street {at a later date- I didn't make them crack a smile after they were covered in our dirt ;0}  
*How darling are those girls!?!*

With Mom's flaming red hair and three adorable girls, this family was SO fun to capture on film!

It was so fun to finally have trees and water and bridges to photograph!  
I tried a couple other photo shoots this winter, but MAN was it cold!!!
No more winters full of family photo shoots for this girl.  Arizona made it nice, South Dakota does not.
I am however hoping to hit the parks this spring and start clicking away with families again...
when it works around our upcoming MOVE....

Yep, that is right.  Why live in one house when you can move before you have officially unpacked the last box???

The Sew*CakeMakers are moving to Minnesota this summer, the Twin Cities area.  We loved Sioux Falls, SD, but not the job.
Cross your fingers for us with this move. 
I am really over the "thrill" of moving  :0p

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pit Pass #3

I am BaAAaaaacK!
Florida was fabulous and SuNnY!  
Disney World was a total treat and I am afraid I left my brain back there ;0)
With that said, I will do my best to get some fun stuff on this blog and chase away all the silence!

I made a new set of pit passes for Pinewood Derby this year.  They are similar to last years, {nice because you can use the food labels from last year again} but different in case you don't want the boys to have the same passes every year {heavens no!  That would be such a disgrace}

I made one set in black...

And another set in Blue!
As you can see, I have either a full 4x6 size and a half-photo size of 3x2.
All of the printables are downloadable HERE with Dropbox.

I even included a NoPicture version to make your lives all easier.

In black or blue as well.

So, the basic rundown is as follows...
Make as many copies as you need by sending them to be printed up as photos.  If you want to add pictures and names to them on the computer first you can, or just print the NoPic files for this year, then add the info, names and such, with a sharpie.

I like to laminate my passes, punch a hole in the top, and tie on a string or thin ribbon.  
Then you are done and officially the coolest cub scout leader EVER!

Enough said.

Here is that link one more time to download the files.

Have a great day and I wish you a warm spring!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Scrappy Paper Dolls

I found this idea on Pinterest just a couple days ago.
What a great, guilt-free way to use up fabric scraps!!!  This idea was presented by ThisMamaMakesStuff

She has free printable dolls HERE.
  With out Disney trip in just days, I wanted some little activities we could tote along at the airport or in restaurants to keep the kiddos busy.  I took this idea and ran Disney with it.

I went ahead and included boy-type pictures too since my nephew will want to do some scrappy projects too.  I have only included 5 of the pages I made up, but you can download all HERE with dropbox.  Where we will be traveling, I have made the dolls in half-sheets to cut down on the space they will take up.  Think of them as a "travel" version ;0)  I have also taken the original paper doll downloads and made them smaller so you can fit 2 on a sheet. 

I found all the images by searching for coloring pages online.  The following are links to some of the pages.  Some sites were endless suppliers, so I started just linking to main sites.  

When I get the kit together I will try and show you the kids in action.  I am really excited about this project, so hopefully they will be too!

Novelty Print Quilt Pattern

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