Monday, June 30, 2014

Pictures of the Graduate

My darling cousin Alexa finally did it.  She is a high school graduate!!!
And a gorgeous graduate she is :0}

We were getting ready for her Grad party and decided to get a couple pics of Alexa in her cap and gown for our centerpieces.  Here are just a few of my favorites...

Those darn hats!!!  They are always falling off.  I thought this picture should be included since I am sure she spend a good portion of Graduation Day doing just this, adjusting that hat ;0}

We also grabbed a couple pictures of Alexa in her college sweatshirt.

Great Job Alexa
and thanks for sharing your special moment with me!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maken' and Baken'

With the boys away, the girls just play!!!
Me and my girls spent the whole day yesterday watching girly movies {aAwesOome!} and playing with clay.

I have a few miniatures I needed to make for an order, Madison worked on some food she plans to sell on her site for American Girl Dolls, and Emmalee made a little bit of everything!

Above I have an accordion I had needed 8 of, but the guy only had one.  I bought the one, made a mold, and then used the mold to make the 8 I needed.  Fun!  It was a bit tricky with how thin and tiny the little guy was, but once I let the clay rest in the mold for a while the accordions started coming out near perfectly.

These are some french bread loaves I need for some min grocery bags.  I still have to add some shading, but I think they turned out totally cute.

Corn on the cob, 

Heads of lettuce, 

Emmalee's batch.  She turned 6 last week.  She did an amazing job on her food!

Here are Madison's creations, a turkey leg dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and a pile of peas.

Spaghetti and meatballs, with a nice strawberry salad and the garlic bread slices below.

Apple wedges anyone?

They will go great with a nice fresh sandwich.

How about a mega breakfast for one?  Pancakes with cinnamon syrup, fried egg, strawberry and two slices of sizzling bacon.

Mads also made this amazing little fruit salad.  She put a layer of fruit in attached to the bowl, and then did some nice fruit clusters that could be spooned out onto a dolly's plate... 
I love the kiwi!

But check out the blueberries, bananas and pineapple.  The breakfast and the fruit salad were finished off with a glossy glaze to make them even more life-like and to add to the longevity of the food.

It was such a fun day.  We may have to make the boys go away more often so we can have more days like that ;0}

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Royal Aire

Woot!  Got my castle all equipped with hooks for hanging.  
Emmalee's birthday is tomorrow and this baby is going in her bedroom!

This guy was a bit of a challenge to figure out all the layers and which one goes where, but in the end it came together so sweetly.

I cut nearly the whole thing out on my bandsaw, some pieces still required the scroll saw.  I beveled the edges with my disk sander before painting, then scuffed up the edges after paint to give it texture and depth.  After that a quick couple coats of finishing spray and we were in business.  I did use the castle at my mini session marathon last month.  Here are a couple pictures of one cute dolly that made my castle look good :0}

Can you believe those eyes!?!  This little girl makes me baby hungry again...almost.

A nice little touch to bring a bit of royal into these photos.  Emmalee, who calls herself Cinderella still, is more than excited to get this castle hung on her wall.  She may only be a princess just yet, but she certainly has the royal aire down pat!  Now her bedroom can have the same feel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I dressed up my little tie prop and got a hanger on the back just in time for the week of Father's Day.  

I usually use it in pictures, but ORIGINALLY I made it to be used as a door decor.

We had to spice it up a little though.  That is why I added the green to the bead board stripes.  

It's nothen' special, but so spunky and fun to get us in the mood for celebrating Dad!

Give your dad a squeeze!

Friday, June 6, 2014

One In A Mellon!

This year we gave Emmalee's teacher a giant watermelon!  She was a fabulous teacher, patient and very good at her job.  I wanted to give her something fun, and maybe not so teacher-y.  That was when I decided to give her one of my Watermelon Door Signs.  

I included this tag...
As far as teachers go,
You are one in Melon!
Thanks for the great year.

Great teachers are such a relief to worried mothers.
I am eternally grateful for teachers that strive for excellence, 
and love those children that they teach <3 p="">

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hey Hey It's Your Birthday! Abram

This little guy was A-Dor-A-Ble!  Abram had the cutest smiles for me when I took his first birthday pictures a couple weeks ago.  Now that the craziness of my trip is over, my house is starting to be livable again, I am excited to get the chance to show you some of my pictures.  

Don't you adore Abram.  His proud mama made the pennant banner and the super cute hat he is wearing.  Abram was so excited we could hardly get him to sit still.  That is OK.  The camera likes action too.  This has to be my favorite from the whole shoot.  Love IT!

I had to throw a couple black and white in there :0}
The stark contrast shows just how handsome this boy is.

This little guy was so funny about his cake.  I thought he would just tear into it and we would have a hard time getting his face...Nope.  He poked and touched like a nice little guy.  Finally Mom went over and broke it up a bit so he could grab a real hunk of cake.  That did it!

Now that is the way to eat cake!

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