Tuesday, May 12, 2020

My Maddy girl had a plan for her birthday and it was a total delight to me!  
Her one birthday wish was to spend the day creating in the garage.  Both of us had been planning to make some hexagon shelves for weeks, so Maddy's special day was the perfect chance.

Using our sexy new miter saw I cut all the wood pieces while the birthday girl worked on a pegboard project.

We made 3 sizes of shelves.  The largest had sides measuring 12" long, the medium had sides 10" long, and the smaller size had sides 8" long.  I was not prepared for just HOW large the large ones would end up.  I wouldn't recommend that size if you don't have a huge area to hang them in.

We found it easiest to put the pieces together in 2s.  We put wood glue on the shared side,

 Then I held the 2 shelf pieces together and trusted my life to Madison who used a nail gun to finish the job.  We tried painters tape to help hold the wood in place, but it was not that helpful.

She looks innocent, but I wouldn't recommend giving this girl a nail gun!

Here they are all finished.

I like them like snowmen.  I think we have a winter craft idea here.

Now to paint them!  Madison has other crazy ideas.  We will be back to show you more soon.

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