Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How To Display...

Down to the wire now, I needed ideas to show our bride a couple different ways to display her fake cake and cheesecakes at the reception.  Guess what???  I didn't find any pictures online!

It appears people do one cake, or cheesecakes, or just giant buffets of all different cakes and desserts.  So, I guess I will have to walk through this one pic at a time.

{source}   Available HERE from Wilton for $60

I love the look of this stand.  It is clean and simple.  I don't think it will work for us though because the cheesecakes are coming from Costco and are like 15-18" wide, all of them.  With this stand, the sizes get smaller as they go up.

This one is cool.  It would work with cakes all the same size.  

I found it HERE for sale by Orson Gygi for $65.

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Stands like these, basically a cut log, can be purchased on Etsy, but if we went with these we would just make them.  Check out these other versions too...

Cupcake stands
How crazy is that one!?! 
It would be an amazing presentation I am sure.  It would be tricky to make that and make sure it is totally balanced I think.  Scott, my hubs would be in charge of that part ;0}

These displays are exactly what I have been wanting for slices of cheesecake or cookies.  Priced reasonable too!
{Image source}  Available from Wilton HERE for around $30
This is a low cost option, again varying sizes, but I think we could just use larger plates and make it work...maybe.  I would have to see it in person first.

Floating Tiers Cake Stand

Around $50 from Amazon

I love these!  They are gorgeous.  Orson Gygi also has a huge selection of this type of stand.

{Source}  Found online for $89
This particular site sells them as a 4 stand set, so to do this photo you would need to buy 2.

So, now that we have looked at stands, here are some "buffet" displays I found that might work with our cheesecake/fake cake setup.  You may have to use your imagination though.  Just take whatever deserts that are there and imagine cheesecakes instead ;0}

Beautiful!  A whole bunch of different crystal stands.  That would be perfect.

cake picture
I believe this display uses the clear acrylic stands.

I like the stair-step style of this display.  If I were them I would have done a square cake though, to go with all of the squares in the display.

Love the different heights.

Well, still undecided, but maybe one of these stands will catch my bride's eye.  If not, maybe it was a helpful collection for you.  More coming up on our wedding.  Less than 2 weeks and I will be able to show you what we decided ;0}

Friday, July 3, 2015

Just starting

I found myself with a day unassigned to someone else's project sooooo, I started remodeling this cabinet.  It has been living in my crowded garage for almost 2 years now.  At one point {pre-destroyed look} I put it on the curb, thinking it would be snatched up like back in Arizona.  Anything you put on the curb is gone the next day.  I guess Minnesotans are less scroungy cause after a couple days, and one terrible rain storm that knocked it over and soaked it in mud, I ended up pulling it back in the garage.  A while later there was a freak spray painting accident...and that brings us to today.  

I sanded it all over and started the up-cycle.  I nailed additional boards to the top {seen above} so that I had a base to nail crown molding to it.

Then I added this molding and ran out of molding AND time.  Dinner, running kids here and there, and all the while dreams of finishing this bugger have been swimming in my head.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day it gets finished being messed with and I can start to paint.  

Woot woot!  It is so great to do a little project just for me!
Stay tuned for the finished product...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tulle-ing Around Flower Girl Dresses

*Warning*  Excessively fluffy cuteness ahead!

We have begun the search for the perfect tutu flower girl dress for the wedding in a few weeks.  After a long while of looking, I finally had to put it before the bride.  What did SHE want the girls to be wearing.  She wanted fluffy tutus, likes flowers and peacock feathers, colors are deep purple, gold and hunter green.

Here are some of the options I found.  Please forgive my links.  I tried my very best to have links to everything, but so many I just could not track down.  Those are simply linked to their pintrest pins.

The dress above we like the purple.  It is the right color, plus the flowers on the bodice are fabulous.

Loving this "Just Wait Until You See Her" Banner for a Brides entrance!
This cute dress is traditional white {love} and has a peacock feather, but that feather is so huge it has to be bothering that poor girl.

Here is my beef with tutu dresses.  Right after my cousin's wedding a few years ago there was another group just heading in for their ceremony.  The poor little girls were standing there in their un-lined tutu dresses just like this one {but in color}, in bright daylight, and they could have been naked for all that the dress covered up.  You could see right through the tulle and tell what color panties they had on and their poor little bodies showed right through that crocheted ribbon crap.  The crochet ribbon works great as a headband for a little baby, and you might even convince me it is ok for a 1 yr old's birthday photo shoot, but seriously?  It stretches out and the girls are practically naked.

Not wedding material.  I watched for alternatives as I searched.  Prepare to see a few other choices as these stretchy bands are not modesty award winners.  

tutu flower girl dress peacock - Google Search
Loved this one!  Probably because I love the color combo with all my heart.  I also like that this has sleeves.  The flowers are just enchanting, so light and frilly.  I love the whole thing and can even look past the fact the back is that stretchy ribbon crap.  Cover the front with a plethora of fluffy flowers and I am a happy mama.

tutu flower girl dress peacock - Google Search
Love!  It has that vintage, "Excuse me while I go frolic through the forest on my unicorn" look about it.  Can I get this in size ginormous for me???

Hands down, my favorite of all.  I love, Love, LoVE this.  The huge head piece, the lace on the bodice, the ruggedness of the tulle.  Throw some sleeves on her and I am set.  I just don't think the bride loved it.  I guess we will have to make this in pale blue for later ;0}

tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
Still the crocheted crap, but that big bow takes away from it a bit.  I could line the bodice...or just do some good old shirring of satin and make that the bodice...then I could keep the rest.

What's that?  Not a pink wedding.

We will make this one in pink for later too.  Emmalee, you better like tutu dresses.  I am about to whip up a closet full.  The google searching needs to end.  My to-do list is already wrapped around the moon twice.

How adorable.  I LOVE that weaving on the bodice.  That is just weaving of tulle!  Not gonna happen for the wedding, but AH-Ma-ZinG!

tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
Let's try it with lace now.  That is just precious.
I really like this look.  Lining would still be a must, but this is pretty.

purple tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
I like the bow from behind too.  

Check out these guys...
tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
Awe!  Just a pile of moving poof balls.  I might just squeal here.

This is a late addition I found while trying to track down all my sources.  LOVE.  That is all I can say.  I am not a fan of spaghetti strap for little's, this is precious though.  I LOVE the satin, the bling along the skirt line...and just about fell over when I saw that back.  I might have to send this one over to the bride.  It is SO CUTE!

So trains on the flower girls were a new idea for me.  After seeing this cutie, I might just be on board.  This is a shirt/skirt combo.  Just gorgeous.

tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
At one point the bride wanted purple on top, white on bottom...that is where this one came from.  Still the train idea, flowers to cover the no-no squares.  Cute, but bride is over it now.  She wants all white with a purple flower or something at the waist.

purple tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
This one was a great way to add sleeves to the stretchy ribbon crap bodices.  Love the bow in back.

tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
And these sleeves are so sweet.  Very vintage, so not gonna work for this wedding, but {sigh}, I like.

tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
Love the laced back.  Bride says no.
Guess we will have to do that on one of our Other dresses ;0}

The bows at the bottom look like feathers from a distance
Don't ask me why this showed up under purple tutu dress, but I did pin this because I like the idea of the knots tied at the bottom.  It looks like feathers almost.  Just worth the bookmark for the idea.

purple tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
This one is cute, lace over the tutu, but not going to work for this wedding.

tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
Gorgeous.  Just gorgeous.  Not tutu enough, but wow.

purple tutu flower girl dresses - Google Search
I have to throw this one in there.  As far as peacocks go, this dress is spot on.  For a wedding...Just a bit wild for our taste.

Lace Flower Girl Dress-Special Occasion Dress--Ivory Dress with Color Accented Train-Perfect for Weddings, Pageants and Portraits
I saved this one for last.  I think we might do this.  Our bride is a crazy, happy...don't know if I would say wild, but can say free spirit.  This trail of color flowing down the train is just right for one of her flower girls.  She isn't using the teal, just purple, gold and green, so we will modify the colors a tad, but then away we will go.

There are some VERY talented, artistic dressmakers out there.  I have found inspiration in so many.  Now to start stitching myself...

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