Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dudley Do-Right Peggie Set

Dudley Do-Right and his fellow Canadian Mounties ALWAYS get their man!  
They have certainly captured my heart.  This little crew turned out so much cuter than I had hoped.  Seriously, the pictures don't even do them justice.  

Here is a nother look.  Just like the Rocky & Bullwinkle set I used the Ceramic Stucco to add dimension to the hair and to Dudley's chin.  You can't have a proper Dudley Do-Right without his manly, strong cleft chin!!!

Dudley Do-Right!  We need you!

Do-Right, there's a fiend running loose in northern Canada.  

A fiend, Inspector?  

Yes, a fiend who goes about Canada tying defenseless women to railroad tracks!  

A rope-tying fiend is at large and should be brought in at once!

And remember Constable Do-Right, a Canadian Mountie ALWAYS gets his man!

Meanwhile somewhere else...Snidely Whiplash, you will never win!

Be quiet and let me tie you to that track over there.

Here, here! You oughtn't to do a thing like that: going around tying defenseless people to railroad tracks.

Curses! Foiled again.

Nell are you alright?  I am always willing to help a citizen in need.

Thanks for rescuing me, but I hate to tell you, I would rather kiss your horse!

But WHY Nell???
Because you are simply too good, Dudley Do-Right!

OK, so I changed a few things, but guess what?  When the show goes down at your own house, you get to make up the story ;0}

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rocky & Bullwinkle Peggie Set

Remember these guys???  One day Emmalee was really bored and I was in desperate need of a nap.  I flipped on Amazon Prime Instant Movies that are free with the prime membership...Would you guess what they have for you to watch for free????

Rocky & Bullwinkle, 4 seasons of the whole gang!
My whole family is addicted!

A few days later I started thinking that it would be kinda fun to paint a set of peggies to depict the vintage characters.  I really can't tell you how much fun I have painting these guys.  I mean all peggies, not just Rocky and Bullwinkle and crew.  It is so relaxing and better to me than playing with them.  Good think my kids take over the playing and leave the painting to me. 

"Moose" was a bit tricky to make with his honken' set of horns.  I ended up performing massive surgery on his head to create a crater big enough to wedge in a antler rack.  I cut the antlers out of 1/8" mdf on my scroll saw, sanded his little face flat, then glued the wooden cap on for his nose.  Normally I try and stay away from any small balls or notions that are simply glued on.  I try and keep my peggies kid safe no matter the age, but let's be honest...this set was for me ;0}

Plus, you really can't make Bullwinkle unless he has a gigantic schnoz!

For all of the rest of the dimensional fun I had with the "sqvirel", the hair on several of the dolls, and Dudley Do-Right's chin, I used Ceramic Stucco to build up the areas I wanted dimensional, then I painted over the stucco once it dried.  Now, I probably would use some other medium with a little less roughage in it.  I took a shot in the dark when I picked this stuff up from the Art isle at Michaels.  There was a smoother texture gel sold, but they were out of stock.  Rather than wait...and then never get my guys done, I went for the stucco.  I still love what it did for the dolls!

A little back view...

Boris and Natasha.  A playset with the good guys and no villains would only lead to drama.  NOpe.  You can't forget the villains.

Here is the back view for them.  Boris spent a little time with his head under the sander too.  It is rather painful for me to take the peggies to the saws.  By the time I decide what they should be, it is like they are alive and feeling every cut.  Yipes!  I guess it is worth it though, cause it makes for a much stronger glue bond, not to mention a more realistic look in the end.

I totally forgot that Peabody and Sherman were in the Rocky & Bullwinkle show!  With the new Mr. Peabody movie in theaters, it was pretty exciting for Emmalee to get her very own Peabody and Sherman.  Now I just need to make a Mr. Peabody movie set of peggies.  The only problem I have with that group is I have no idea what to use for the Way-Back.  I will have to keep thinking on that one.

Here is a back view of those two.  Not super exciting, but I worked pretty hard on the hair and ears.  I might as well show them too.

I am off to bed, but tomorrow I will show you the Dudley Do-Right portion of this set.  Madison has informed me, and I totally agree, that I also need to do the Fractured Fairytale fairy.  How could I forget?  
I guess I am not finished.  Darn!  Now I get have to paint some more ;0}

Friday, April 11, 2014

"Tangled" Hair

Emmers wanted "Tangled" styled hair the other day.  This is what I came up with.  I totally loved it.  The pictures weren't taken until AFTER church, so it is a little fuzzier than it would have been, but still totally cute.

Basically, I made two smaller french braids on the sides of her head and tied them off with rubber bands.  Then I did a bigger one down the center of her head and just braided in the smaller ones when I got down to them.  We hot glued paper flowers to bobby pins and added a little bling for good measure. 

I had one happy princess thanks to the do ;0}

Mom, can you do Cinderella next time???

Skirting Through The Week- Day 5

I had a hard time choosing which skirt to show you today.  I finally settled on this, yet another fabulous twirl skirt, yet another one with bicycles.  I really don't know how my obsession with bicycles came about.  I haven't ridden one in ages.  I know "they" {whoever decides what is trendy} have been pushing bicycles...but surely THAT is not the reason for my obsession...right?  

Please note, this was actually the first skirt I had Emmalee model before the camera.  If you have been checking the skirts out all week you will see a stark contrast between this very smiley, very cooperative girl and the photos that I posted earlier in the week.  It makes me chuckle just a bit on the inside.

Here is a close view of the fabrics.  I purchased all of them from Joanns fabric store.  The bicycle fabric again was purchased last summer, but the rest was purchased recently.  Don't you love the bicycle shirt I found at Target!?!  It was on clearance and went perfectly with the skirt.  I simply couldn't resist!!!

So, by saying it was made it twirl skirt style, I mean that it was made in tiers, and each tier is about double the row before.  I made the yolk smaller on this one than the other tiers, basically because I got sidetracked and cut the skirt to the wrong unintended measurements.  I guess that just shows that you really can't mess up a twirl skirt ;0}

Now there is a fabulous model!  I love this girl!!!

Now, just for kicks and giggles, these pictures were downloaded the same day as the skirt pictures...
How is that for snowfall!?!  That is why my girl is wearing long sleeved shirts under her t-shirts and leggings under her skirts.  This is my back porch.  We had not been able to open the door to the porch since early November.  

Our real bicycles are buried in that shed.  Don't try steeling them.  They are not worth the effort ;0}

Snow bank along the driveway.  Scott saw a sign hanging in the office that said:
"I came to Minnesota for the scenery.  I'm still here 'cause I couldn't get my car to start."  
Pretty evident in this picture, ey?  It should be, "I'm still here 'cause I can't dig out my car."

Either of them

Just as reference, I wiped off half of the snow from atop the mirror.

I think these pictures were so shocking since now, finally, all this white stuff has melted!!!

Now these days are finally over and there could not be more people out in the neighborhood, pretty much at all hours of the day, walking and talking and soaking in vitamin D.  It is so fabulous!

Tomorrow I have my total favorite skirt to show you...favorite from this batch of sew-o-rama anyway.  So get out and enjoy some sunshine and I will see you tomorrow!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Skirting Through The Week- Day 4

I know honey, I want this week to be over too!  Not cause I am tired of skirts, but..HELLO!  Weekend please come!

Emmalee's modeling has hit an all time low.  With all the twirl skirts I think she has just twirled herself into exhaustion.  

As for Mom, on the other hand, I still can't get enough.  I will let you in on a little secret.  I made all of these skirts...and some others, over the course of about 2.5 days between errands, children, and filling orders.  That is just how easy they are when you have the right equipment...a ruffler foot, rotary cutter and self healing mat, a good book on tape, and an endless supply of Minnesota snow.  Secret number two, I made these in 2.5 days back in January and am just now getting around to posting them, HENCE, the long sleeved shirts and leggings.  Yep, Emmers has been getting daily use out of these skirts.  I totally love it.  I have a pretty strong aversion to girls wearing the average length t-shirt and leggings.  Actually, I hate it.  Now, all over the place grown women are running around in shirts that come to their waist and leggings.  I don't like it.  
Blah.  Won't get into that whole mess, but I can tell you my girls don't wear plain least not skin tight without a skirt or nice, long shirt.  Yep.  Old fashioned and boring.  Well, not boring exactly.  Check out the print on that skirt!  I love it.  NOt boring.

Emmalee likes it too.  I don't really understand the thought process I went through last summer when buying this fabric for pants...other than sometimes crazy pants can be fun.  If crazy pants can be fun, then check out this outfit.  I know it was a bit much as far as stripes go, but don't judge me.  I promise it all looks super cute in person.  This outfit actually ended up one of my favorites from the whole sewing spree.

Again, full twirl here, equally tall three tiers.  

Back to the striped shirt, it really isn't my fault.  I went to Target to grab one of their $5 t-shirts in a lime or yellow to go with the skirt, but all they had was neon yellow!  What a disgrace.  I wish one of these stores around here would just have a huge, rainbow-ish wall {like they do with jeans} but of  t-shirts in any color regardless of season.  I know it isn't going to happen, but I would really enjoy it.  I can see myself going just to look at the beauty of it.  YOu can see it, can't you.  A whole wall of cubbies containing different shades of each color in t-shirts for kids.  I would go and stare and run my fingers along the seams, then leave feeling complete, happier, rainbows and unicorns brighter, and a few dollars poorer.  Who wouldn't love that!
I need to go to bed.  Have a great Thursday.  Have an even better Thursday and go sew a skirt.