Monday, April 13, 2015

It's My Boschday!

It might as well be my Birthday, cause Baby, I brought home a Bosch today!!!  

New Tool!  New Tool!!!  AHeM!  I have a New Tooooool!
I got a palm router with interchangeable plunge base.  Yep.  Honey, we can sell the kids.  I have moved on to entertainment I don't have to feed!

I have been selling these saw frames for....well....almost a decade, and have never had the router to inset the picture.  Well, Ladies and Gentlemen...I do now!  
I am E-X-C-I-T-E-D!

Here is my frame on Etsy...
Now I can sell something that is not only cute, but professional! WoWoo!

I can use the router for this frame too...
Dad You Rock! Guitar Frame-Blue
AAAAaaaandddd, I can make a billion other frames {in all of my spare time, yeah right!}.
A girl can dream though!

Let's just take a closer look at that groove around the photo frame....It is so sexy smooth!
Thanks Hubbs for my gift!  It has been nice knowing ya ;0}
I will be in the garage from here on out.

I think I need to shop for router bits.....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I {Heart} Baby Bellies

I have been doing mini sessions every time I visit Fairmont, it has been a while since I had a maternity shoot.  Heaven.  That is all I can say to describe this session with Amber and Baby Daddy.  
So sweet and youthful, we had such a fun time.  I enjoyed their sense of humor and the chance to get a little creative outside.  Have I mentioned lately, I {Hearth} Baby Bellies!?!

Cause I do!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wohoo! Pattern's Ready!

I have the Salute to the Brave pattern up for sale!  
This sign caused me a lot of grief at first, so it took a couple revisions to get it ready, but It's Done and for sale on my Etsy!

I can cut the vinyl for you too, but it isn't currently listed for sale.  If you want the vinyl, just email me at or message me on Etsy.

Do know that this is not a beginner pattern.  As much as I try to make all my patterns easy to follow and as little work as possible, this guy is a bit of work to assemble.  It takes a couple days to let glue dry in stages and all that...but in the end, it is SO AWESOME to come home to this sign on the door.  Talk about feeling patriotic.  I just imagine my little brother's in that uniform when they were overseas and it just makes me so grateful for those men and women having just a small idea of what they give up to serve our country.  I also love that I have something to put up for all of the patriotic holidays, even Memorial Day or Veterans Day.  

So, if you think you want to give this a try, you can buy and download the printable pattern HERE in my Etsy Shop!  Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little Lottie

Meet Lottie.  Her name is Charlotte, but her family calls her Lottie.  Cutest nickname ever.  My niece is named Charlotte and I has never even crossed my mind to call her Lottie.  I may have to try it.

Anyway, sweet little Lottie was born on a blustery February day and warmed the frozen hearts of her Minnesotan family immediately.  She has the most perfectly round head and whisper soft skin, just like a fresh-from-heaven little angel should have.

One thing about this little girl, I COULD NOT get her to keep her mouth closed.  Get ready family!  If she is like any girls in my house, that mouth will just go and go, never to ever stop talking ;0}  Just a warning!

Awe, so sleepy.  So peaceful. 

Get your winks now...

Your brothers will be home soon and I have a feeling you won't sleep much with them around ;0}
They just love you too much for that!

Thanks Crystal for letting me come take pictures of your new little angel.  She is a doll <3 p="">

Monday, March 9, 2015

Embossing Gun Stand

I was doing a little light housekeeping of my photo file on the computer and came across these pictures!!!  Wohoo!  It is my lucky day.  Must be cause I cut this out finally, only minutes ago...

Anyway, I had a custom order for an Embossing Gun Stand just after Christmas, so I came up with the design, cut out two, painted up one and sent it off.  Well, the pictures I took just before shipping were accidentally deleted from my camera and I thought I didn't have any others.  Guess what?  I do!

It pays to clean out your computer files once in a while ;0}

Anyway, this stand is not painted, but when I ever get free time and energy all in the same minute, I will get a couple of these up for sale on my etsy.  Feel free to message or 
email me {vanessa.cam5 at Gmail dot com} if you want one now, 
painted or unpainted.

Otherwise, I will get back to looking for the other pictures I need ;0}