Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nativity Handout

I am teaching the lesson tomorrow for the teenage girls at church.  I wanted a cute little handout to go with the ornaments I am handing out.  Don't you just love the quote!?!

Here is a whole sheet of tags.
I got the Mary and Joseph clip from Craft Goodies.  She used it for a stitchery, but I just love the image as a print!

I plan to cut these out around the manger, then attach them to the ornament hanger with raffia.  I like the look of the straw with the manger :0)  I keep all my Christmas printables in a folder with Dropbox HERE, or I have a link to the downloadable file for this print HERE, so help yourself if you would like your own copy of the file :0}

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reindeer Treats

Emmalee and Eli both needed treats to take somewhere today, so last night we made some reindeer cake pops.  I was a good mom, I just have to say.  I made the oreo mixture, had the kids do the rolling.  I sticked and dipped the pops, but I had the kids break/form the pretzel antlers, put the mini chip eyes on and Emmalee rocked the red m&m noses!

Now...a few ended up looking a little rough, like they had grown up with ogars instead of fellow reindeer, 
but all in all the kids did a really good job making the pops themselves.  It was super exciting, for Ems at least, to say she made them herself.

I think together they made about 60!
Slave child labor is the best ;0)

Apparently the pops tasted good too.  Lets just say that 60 didn't make it...we were a few less in numbers when it came time for the reindeer to fly.

I realized this morning that I had totally forgotten the Christmas present for Emmer's preschool teacher that was supposed to accompany those cake pops.  I am proud to say, in 15 minutes flat, I produced this red Christmas scarf!  Granted, everything I own craft-wise is spread across my basement so I didn't have to get a thing out, just sit down and sew :0)

*Phew*  Crisis averted.  Now to get back to business, that basement of mine....

Monday, December 17, 2012

For Grandma!

I copied this idea from a pin I saw on pinterest.  I plan to make up these blocks tomorrow. 

One for Grandma, one for Granny.

Let me know if you want one :0)

GreenBay Printables!

I am just a printable machine today!  Here are some printables for a Packers fan on my list.  The above print is sized to be printed on an 11x17 sheet, making it just about 10" wide.

The Bear Hunting sign is for 8.5x11.  I intend to hang it below the stop sign.

This Packers parking sign is for an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  If you want any of these files, just email me at and let me know which ones you want.  I am more than happy to get them to you :0)

More UofU Destruction

Here is another printable for the die-hard BYU fan.  In case you are not familiar with what I am talking about, in Utah there is the most indestructible rivalry between University of Utah and Brigham Young University.  I am making a couple spoofy gifts for the sports fans I just couldn't buy for.  Please know that I have no ill will towards the Ute tribe :0)  Just total dislike for the University of Utah {tee-hee}  U of U fan?  I will still love you, just not your beliefs or your school!
{this printable intended to be printed on an 11x17 paper, then used as a wrapper for Cream of Wheat cereal}

Ute Soup

For all of you BYU fans out there, I made this little label today as part of a spoofy Christmas present.  I will post pictures when it is all done, but the file is up for grabs if you want it ;0)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sneak Peak

I have been working feverishly...between fevers and coughing that some Christmas presents this weekend.  I pretty much gave myself just yesterday and today to get these puppies done. 

Looks like I will be working on them tomorrow too ;0)

I am not going to explain what any of these things are....

But if you follow me on Pinterest, 
chances are You have seen them!

So, that is all of the teaser you are going to get.  Come back later to see the final products!!!

'Nother Nativity Ornament

Here is an order I got out this week.  I really like how this ornament came together.  I also really like how patient Ann was in waiting for this order!  

I cut out the nativity scene inside of a circle using silver vinyl.  If you have done vinyl, you know that this would not be a good design to do ;0)

I really should have made the two circles connected all the way around.  It would have saved me days...but, how would I have known without making them all the wrong way first!

Next I cut out the words Joy to the world.  I also learned the hard way that words that are connected are WAY EASIER to pick out after cut.  After losing several W's and R's, I finally re-designed the word "world" so it was out of a script font.  Another live and learn lesson.

End product, 
LOve it!
*note to self* 100 ornaments cut out of wood and layered with two separate vinyls is WorK!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crafty Bands Review

We got a lovely little box in the mail from Crafty Bands the other day.  Tonight Emmalee and I finally got a moment to sit down and try out the new Crafty Bands kit.  It was really a lot of fun.

The kit can be purchased on or from  It comes with all of the above, the cutter, four bands, 24 bubble toppers, and 24 sets of snaps to attach your buttons to the bands.

The kit didn't come with any images to use, but don't worry!  We have a never ending supply of Cinderella stickers.  Once I saw little Gus-Gus, I knew we found our stickers to make into charms. 

We put the stickers on a piece of cardstock and centered them one by one in the cutter.  

Once you have your image centered, put a glossy clear bubble on top.  I was thinking these bubbles were hollow, but they are not.  They are the solid, glass-looking adhesive bubbles often used in scrapbooking.

Put that little bubble on the image, close the lid, and press down.  This nifty little unit works like a circle punch, cutting the paper out to just the right size, AND it adheres the image to the bubble.

Now you have this cute little bubble ready for charms.

There are 24 adhesive squares included in the kit.  You adhere one to the back of each bubble, then press them into the center of the charm disks. 

Here are Emmalee's!
It is bracelet making time!

Just put the snap into the back side of the bracelet, place the plastic circly charm on the other side, and snap together.

Emmalee LOVED it!  She wouldn't let me stop.  
We had to do hearts for all the empty spaces on her bracelet before she set off making one for her friend.

Need a last minute gift for a cute little girlie?
Try the Crafty Bands!  They are new AND they are adorable!
The recipient can make charms that are all their own style.  
Refill packages are available at and from as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winner, Winner!!!

The results of our Fellows Shredder giveaway are in!

The lucky winner is...
Wohoo!  Congratulations Pat!
We will all be wondering if this is really gonna be a "Smart gift for a Guy" in your life..or maybe just for you :0)
Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy it!

For everyone else, Thanks for entering the drawing and feel free to check out more "Smart Gifts for Guys" on my Pinterest board!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Smart Gifts for Guys GIVEAWAY!

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about gift ideas for the men in our lives!

While the hottest toys, gadgets and accessories are likely to top off their lists, it’s important to make sure we’re providing our tech-loving men with smart, practical gifts that help them get organized and ready for the New Year. 

Guess what I found on my doorstep last week!?!  Fellowes sent me a shredder of my very ownsome to have and try out!  I was so thrilled!  I have been coveting a shredder for years now.  After checking out some of the features on the Fellowes 63Cb, I wonder why I didn't get one sooner. 

The Fellowes name is well known in the shredding community for it's well built products.  This machine is very sleek.  It came well packaged and very easy to assemble.  I love, LoVe, LOVE that there is a reverse switch!

What a great feature!  I have tried out a couple shredders in the past that did NOT have that fancy feature.  Why would you want that?  Every once in a while you might feed a pile of papers crooked or you might lose your grip before the item has started cutting, resulting in everything bunching at one end of the blades.  Then the whole thing jams up.  With the reverse button, vvvroooommmm, and you are free to try again :0)

All of the instructions are very clear on the machine and in the owner's manual.  The two circle icons above remind you that this shredder has a 10 page capacity for quality, speedy shredding, AND that you will need to oil your shredder once in a while.  After many years of sewing machine maintenance  I have learned that the oiling is VERY important to be aware of.  Clear instructions can be found in the owners manual, or, isn't it awesome, the company has printed the number for their help line right on top of the machine.  How is that for customer service?  I was super impressed.

Here is a shot of the blades inside.  
they are a good three inches down inside the shredding port, far from wandering fingers.  What a safe machine!

On the other side of the top there are a number of icons showing you what not to shred.  My favorite has to be the child icon.  Now be very, very certain, that if you purchase this shredder, you do not any shred your children ;0)
Just kidding.  
Well, not really.  Shredding your children can be messy.  Just send them to Grandma's if you need a break :0)
For when they are around, they really should not operate the shredder without you right there helping them.  
My kids LOVE to shred stuff for me.  I was really impressed too with the safety feature that stops the shredding when hands are too close to the shredding port or opening.  A "safe sense" light will come on and the machine stops.  It is really nice to know that, even though I doubt little fingers would be able to reach down far enough into the machine, there is a sensor that will be a secondary protections for their tiny phalanges!

As shown in the other icons, please keep your hands, hair, ties and any other dangling objects out of the way when shredding.  Also, don't use any aerosol oils to oil this machine.

Shred, shred, shred...

Shred, shred, shred...

Shredding all the way...through our holiday season, So

I have never shredded a card before.  Paypal just sent me a replacement debit card so I was super excited to shred my old one and see how it worked.  

Please note the card icon above the on lever.  There is an arrow next to it.  I found out, through trial and error, that the arrow is showing you where to insert the card :0)  I put the card in at a different spot the first time.  It started shredding, but I think the sensors that tell the machine to shred are at the top, but where the arrow is located, the sensors go all the way to the blades.  

Long story short, the machine did not sense my card once it went a little ways.  No problem. I just hit that reverse button, pulled the card out, and then re-inserted it at the arrow.  Shredded like a charm!  

I just wanted to show you this from the back of the box.  You can leave the staples in the paper!!!  I was pulling them out at first until I saw this label on the box.  I had to run all over the house looking for paper with a staple in it to try.  Sure enough, it worked!

Also note the 8 minute continuous run time.  That means that you can shred one thing after another for up to 8 minutes, before the machine will stop shredding and cool down.  Once it is cool, it will start shredding again.  

The other feature that I loved was that the machine stops shredding, and a indicator light turns on, when the bottom is not closed all the way.  This is important again to make sure you do not cut your hands from below when operating.  

The bin was larger than most shredders I have seen for the home office.  I LOVE that feature since I hate to empty the trash {*Lazy*}.  

OK, so knowing that I am a "Craft Blogger" and knowing that our lovely hubbies like to buy us things that they want us to have {like a vacuum to keep the house clean for them, or pots and pans so we can cook for them}, I thought I might mention a few uses that YOU might find valuable...or at least interestingly humorous.

* First, there is a lot of safety in owning a shredder.  You will protect your family from identity theft by shredding the vital information before your names, addresses, birthdates, social security numbers, and account numbers.

*  Second, you will save time and money by having a shredder in you home vs. using a shredding service.  You won't have to drive around town and pay for a shredding service to have the above protection.

*Third, there are crafty uses for the shreds!  Now turn on your imagination caps for me please.

The shredded paper can be used for mulch in your garden.  Shred colored paper or wrapping paper for confetti in cards or to decorate tables.  Use it in Easter and gift baskets as a cushiony filler, Paper mache will have never been easier!  Just open that bottom drawer and start layering your project.  

And just look at this project!  Isn't it cute???  I found it on pinterest, but the original link can be found on Baby Center.

The last one, I am kinda bummed not to be able to show you, but having just moved from Arizona, you can give your kids a White Christmas!  Shred and shred, the spread and spread :0)  There were people in Arizona that would cover their entire front yards with quilt batting.  Why not use shredded paper instead {tee-hee}.  I wouldn't want to clean it up, but tell me your kids would not list that Christmas as their favorite EVER!  We just got snow Friday so I can't show you that particular idea.

And as if you need any more reason to buy the Fellows 63 Cb this Christmas, if you order it online, it comes with not one....but TWO boxes!  Now your kids will have fun too!  Don't they always love the boxes more than the contents themselves???

Um, you can't see this one going in a bad direction, can you?

Ok, one child not happy...

but, a little more play...

And we have total success!

Now, for total sweetness!!!!  The Giveaway!!!
Fellowes has not only sent ME a free shredder, but they gave me one to give away!  Here is what you need to do.  I have loaded the options into Rafflecopter.  Click on the widget below and choose however many options you wish.  Each option will enter you into the drawing one time.  Monday night at midnight a winner will be generated.  I will post the winner on the blog Tuesday morning, and the lucky winner will have 48hrs to claim their prize.  
Sound good?
Great!  *Click away*

As an added bonus, Fellowes has asked me to start a pinboard of Smart Gifts for Guys!  You can check out the Fellowes shredder and a host of other gift ideas on my Pinterest page.  Please be aware that I am very nerd-laden when it comes to the men in my life.  You will find no end of nerd gifts :0)
Also, Fellows has enlisted the help of 14 other bloggers.  Each of them is hosting their own givaways AND pinterest boards.  Feel free to check them out as well!!!

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Sara, Mom Endeavors,
Stephanie, Somewhat Simple,
Tonya, Create-Celebrate-Explore,

Happy Guy Gifting every one!  Hope you win the shredder!!!!  I totally love mine :0)

Disclosure: I received product from Fellowes, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in this program. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.”

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