Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Mini Session, Take Two!

Here goes round two of my Christmas Mini's.  First up are my own snuggly niece and nephews.

Because they are my own I feel the right to add the goofy shots ;0}

Stinkers, all of them ;0P  Makes me want to kiss those cheeks.

And just as much fun as this mother and son!  What a fun set to photograph.

Shoot me if I am wrong here, but I think this handsome boy is in the 8th grade!?!  
Hide your daughter's ladies.  This one is a heartbreaker!

Sweet Ella, we just tried and tried...

and tried and tried...

And tried...but not a smile caught on film.  She is adorable though, so it is ok.  
I think the photos should show their personality more than a stale smile though, so if Ella doesn't want to smile, Ella doesn't need to smile.

This cute family was full of smiles enough for the whole day of pictures.

I had to work and work with this picture to get the backdrop cropped all the way across the picture.  I had a backdrop that was only about 4' wide, so the kids just barely fit within it.  I had to go back after and clone the pattern all across the back.  Turned out pretty good.

This little darling was my show stopper.  I had the best time making her smile.  She was about the size of Emmalee's Bitty Baby, and weighed nothing at all.  She just smiled, and smiled and smiled.  So fun.

She wasn't a real fan of the reindeer hat, but OH did she make it look good!  
What a dolly.  After shoots like her family it makes want to take them all home.
Luckily I get those crazy kids in there too to remind me I am fine with my own three ;0}

More photos coming up!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Mini Session, Take One!

Oh My, my!  We had so much fun playing with all of these smiley kids for our Christmas Mini Session a week or two ago.  It was kinda a last minute deal.  Orders had returned to a normal level and I had all these amazing Christmas props just screaming to be used...

Just add smiles and we are good to go!

With the mini sessions each family only gets 15 minutes infront of the camera.  I am horrible at sticking to 15 minutes, but we work it every second and get some really fun shots.  My 16 yr old Madison and 1000 yr old sister Kallie are my assistants.  I am just checking to see if my sister actually reads my blog ;0}

By assistant, I mean eternal slaves to the children that must run, jump, sing, dance, throw snowballs or WHATEVER it takes to bring the smiles.  I probably need to pay them more ;0}

I love this.  Olaf is even lilting his head for their personal conversation.  {awe}

Oh, those rolls!  I am a sucker for the pudgy babies!!!

I LOVe it when I can get mom in the picture too.

We have to throw a couple bloopers in there too.

Emersyn.  So, so sweet.  Love this girl.

I have to try and clean my kitchen and get some baking done, but I will be back soon with more pics from our days of clicks!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

SewCakeMaker Christmas Round-Up!

So I thought I would do a Christmas themed round-up using just the Christmas projects I have posted on the blog here...and I am not super impressed by my selection!  Apparently Christmas decorations typically take the back seat to selling in the SewCakeMaker household.  I wish I had started my blog years ago because I spent the first 10 years of my married life making cute things, then giving them all away or having to donate them because we were moving again.  We will both just have to put up with this lousy list and hopefully I can get some new things made this year before ornament season hits again ;0}
Above is my Chunky 2x6 ornament .  I made it and the candy canes shown below last year when coming up with woodcraft projects for Super Saturday that would be almost free.  I love it when there is no budget for things.  Wood projects are perfect in those cases.  

I also made the holly {shown below} but apparently didn't get any good pictures I could find.  These pieces were cut out of 2" wood, then cut apart at the color change or in certain areas for accent, painted, sanded, then glued back together.  Hopefully I can get some better pics posted soon.  And more designs.  I love the detail you can add with just sanding edges when you cut them apart similar to the intarsia technique.

You can find All my favorite recipes at the link or in the "recipes" tab in my menu.  These are all so good!!!  I can't wait to start baking this weekend.

These wooden Christmas Gifts were posted several times on my blog.  I used them for friend craft parties, to sell, and for family craft parties all over the place.  They are so quick to cut and a really low stress project.

I made up this Nativity Handout to use in my class at church.

This is my Big Manger I used for centerpieces for our Ward Christmas Party.  A year or two later I did a smaller version below for a craft party with my girls from church.


This was one project at my first friend craft party in Goodyear, AZ.  I didn't make this set, but my friend did such a cute job with the wood I supplied I had to take a picture.
Set of Three-Tree!

This is our Pictures with Santa wall.  I love the pictures.  They bring tears to my eyes.  I just didn't know what to do with so many, so I made this sign and painted a bunch of frames so we could display them all season long.

I have several sets of ornaments I sell finished or by the piece on my Etsy shop.  This is just the Mini Nativity Ornament.  It is 1.25 inches wide, not quite 2 inches tall.  So, so cute and tiny and adorable.

The next couple are from Super Saturday.  Again, I have several projects from years before I didn't even photograph.  I have some mega make-up work to do ;0}  This Holiday Organizer was offered at our Super Saturday, all supplies included for $2.50.  Pay the $2.50, show up to get your kit, and you have everything to make this organizer.  Now you have one place to keep track of all the shopping, cooking, planning and coordinating that needs to be done during the holiday season.  I love mine!

This Chunky Nativity {Pattern unknown} was used at more than one of my Super Saturdays.  It comes as three large pieces...meaning 3-4" wide, 9" tall.  I love this nativity.  Can't seem to find the pattern though.

These Treat Bags {an Art to Heart pattern} are a favorite too.  I have made these several years in a row.  That is the best thing about moving a lot and being a crafter.  Old ideas are new again!
I have made hundreds of these over the years, some to sell, most to give away or so someone else can make them.  Love them!

I put together this Teach the Children FHE activity.  Each piece goes with the story about the symbols of Christmas and how they relate to the Christ child.  Kit included a sugar cookie mix.  I am going to have to make this one up again too.

Now for a couple Goodies!

We made these Christmas Tree Death-by-Frosting cupcakes.

Uhhh, I let the KIDS make these Reindeer Cake Pops. Sometimes you just have to "Let it Go"

I {heart} these Christmas Tree Cake Pops.  They turned out just so precious.  I need to cake-pop again.
This is what happens every year after ornament season.  I feel like making everything everywhere with anyone who will craft with me.  I need to take more breaks next year so my family can have a little sanity ;0}

Last but not least, one of my favorite cakes of all time, almost cried as I handed it to the customer, my Holiday Concert Violin Cake.  It is all the more special because I carved the handle and wire assembly out of wood.  It was basically as close as a masterpiece as I could have possibly come.  My Mona Lisa in cake, my friends.  Behold.

So, like I said at the beginning, I need more Christmas projects!  That means I have to do them between January and July.  I guess I better get planning so that next year I have even better things to show you!
Happy Holidays!

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