Sunday, June 21, 2020

Finally on the Wall

Well, enough with the waiting.  My shelves are finally on the wall.  
It only took a month.  This area of our family room has turned into Emmalee's painting corner, so I am thinking the hexi shelves will be home to some of the painting supplies and hopefully make the mess a little cuter.  There is no eliminating the mess, just creatively organizing it.

We bought this house in November.  This great-room has a crazy bar in it that entertaining families would love.  We use it to store craft supplies, lol.  There is a working sink down there in the selves and everything.  No drinking going on here.  We have too much crafting to get done.

My two big guys {shelves} got hung on the wall, my little guy you can see below.  I added shelves to him so I could have a little more paint storage....

I didn't put a back on this one, but will be adding a backboard.  When you go to get a paint bottle out of the stack all the other bottles in that triangle fall out the back *Oh My!* so my next Craft Day Thursday I will have to fix that.

Anyway, Mads and I have loved these little shelves, so much so I am afraid to say....

We will be making more!  Thanks for celebrating with me the minor accomplishment of getting these shelves hung up.  Sometimes it is the little things that feel huge when you had to climb mountains to get them done ;0}

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I have so many things to show you since I posted last!!!  My big kids are keeping me so busy these days, that and the endless yardwork/housework at our new home, but I wanted to show you my hexi shelves!

Mads and I made these a few weeks ago on her birthday.  These are mine, the bigger hexi shelves.  I needed them big to look right in my Great Room.  It has a vaulted ceiling and anything smaller would have looked odd I am afraid.  

The real delight here is that I finally got mine painted white, then, because they were so big I figured I needed to put a backing on the shelves so they are strong enough to hold some weight when I hang them on the wall. put a back on them, the most professional way would be to use my handy dandy palm router today to dig out a ledge on the back side for the backboard to sit in.

Here is an up-close view.  I was a bit nervous.  It has been over 3 years since I had my own space to play in.  All my tools were packed away and my life was MISSING THEM!  Routers are serious tools with serious possibilities for injury if used wrong.  After a quick You Tube refresher I hit the garage and just plugged it in.  Once my shelves were routed I was flying high pretty much all day.  It was SO SATISFYING to pull out tools, do something that makes such an obvious difference, and then use a fun vacuum to suck up all the wood shavings {lately one of my favorite parts of woodworking, using my dust collector to suck everything clean}.

I loved the look of the ledge of raw wood against the white painted shelf so much I decided to route the front side too.  I really just love the whole look.

Tonight I re-painted the white of the shelves.  I am honestly thinking of painting the backboard the same color as my walls, because I don't really want a whole block of white.  I like the look of the outline shelves.  I just needed the shelves to be sturdy.  Maybe I will leave the backs a natural wood.  Who knows.  I will have to hold these up to the wall to decide.  Right now they are drying in the garage.  I will be back when these guys are done and on the wall, plus I'll bring photos and stories from our maker day when we made these.

Happy Crafting!

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