Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Signage {Free Files!}

Check out my new Halloween signage born in the dead of night.  I had a photo session lined up out of town a little while back, and must have been worked up about it or something because I could not sleep a wink.  About 3:30 I finally jumped out of bed and hit the garage to find a scrap of wood I could make into a cute sign. I popped open Silhouette Design Studio to make a Trick or Treat sign, when I realized I totally needed to make a pumpkin stand.  I had spent days in a stupor trying to think what set-up to make for the shoot.

Here is a little peek at my process...  Make a little mark, shoot a couple nails...

Base paint black...

Topcoat amazingness...Beautiful!

I was feeling pretty proud of my self right about here...then there was more...

 I had made 4 signs, starting with a thought and finishing with total love by 7:30am.  I dragged my kids out of bed and we hit the road.

This was my setup at the park.  You have to love Minnesota and their ever abundance of lakes!  This is a sight for sore eyes when you are used to Arizona's deserts.  We have been in Minnesota almost 3 years and I still can't even wrap my head around the beauty here.  There are trees everywhere just dripping with life, not to mention grass that grows like thick shag carpet.  Love.

All I needed was a cute kid, and this little guy worked perfectly for that.

My Pumpkin's sign was made from one plank of cedar fencing.  I wanted a rough and rustic feel to the sign and cedar is perfect for that.

I did bring some witchy things too in case anyone wanted a setting with a little more Halloween and a little less harvest.

I made this sign out of a scrap piece of 1x12 pine too short to make into an iPad stand.  

It goes perfectly with the witch hat and broom I made last year.

On the backside of the Trick or Treat sign I made this "Here Comes Trouble" sign.  Yep.  It's reversible.  That makes for one less thing I have to haul into the site.

After all that was ready, we just inserted family after family.  

I took these pictures in my yard before I left town.  I loaded the car and went in the house to grab "just one more thing."  I came out to Eli...

In the tree.  My son has decided to go out for swim team and after beefing up a bit, has found a new passion in climbing anything that will hold his weight.  He is going to kill me.  If he doesn't kill himself first.  He climbs everything.  Why!?!  The boy either can't get off the computer or is at the top of a tree.  I don't get teenage boys.

I love him, but I don't "get" him.  My prayer is that we will make it all the way to snowy frozen trees this year without a broken bone.  This sign...
Was inspired.  Thank you Eli.

OH!  I almost forgot!  I have some silhouette cut files for you!!!  If you like these signs and want to make one of your own, you can download the files HERE from my dropbox account.  Don't have a vinyl cutter???  I do!  I will gladly cut you a piece or two, just comment below, email me at vanessa.cam5@gmail.com or message me on Etsy.  I will hook you up ;0}
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just A Peek!

Oh!  Isn't he cute!?!  I have so many cute faces to edit, so little time.  
Be back soon to show you more!

More From My Ratty Front Porch

At the rate I am going, I might get three whole projects done by the end of the year.  I, just this weekend, finished my LEARN for my Front Porch Shutter...on my Ratty Front Porch.  It only took a little cutting time Saturday before Conference began to get the little school shapes cut and sanded, then I got to play the rest of the uplifting afternoon.  

All shapes were cut from 1/4" mdf, sanded, then painted and sealed with Rustoleum 2x Clear Matte Spray.  I am a freak about that clear spray.  Just use that brand!

After my first few letter sets I wired together, I switched to the ribbon as the way to hang this all up.  I just lay out the ribbon, lay the letters on top where I want them, then go back through and hot glue each letter in place.  Rinse, repeat...Lay out the shapes, go back and hot glue those on, then hang.

Don't you love the paint set!?!  It is my favorite!

I even put my school bus back up so I could get the whole picture ;0}  

Then I took it all down and put up my SPoOKy from last year.  I am hoping to get my spider door sign finished before my pictures this weekend.  Wish me luck!

Novelty Print Quilt Pattern

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