Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hey Hey It's Your Birthday! Abram

This little guy was A-Dor-A-Ble!  Abram had the cutest smiles for me when I took his first birthday pictures a couple weeks ago.  Now that the craziness of my trip is over, my house is starting to be livable again, I am excited to get the chance to show you some of my pictures.  

Don't you adore Abram.  His proud mama made the pennant banner and the super cute hat he is wearing.  Abram was so excited we could hardly get him to sit still.  That is OK.  The camera likes action too.  This has to be my favorite from the whole shoot.  Love IT!

I had to throw a couple black and white in there :0}
The stark contrast shows just how handsome this boy is.

This little guy was so funny about his cake.  I thought he would just tear into it and we would have a hard time getting his face...Nope.  He poked and touched like a nice little guy.  Finally Mom went over and broke it up a bit so he could grab a real hunk of cake.  That did it!

Now that is the way to eat cake!

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