Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Getting Spooky!

My front porch shutter is once again clothed with craftiness!  No more nakedness there.  Phew!

I used the font LHF Jami to create these letters.  I found it on Fonts2U a couple weeks ago.  I love that site!!!  I love that when I click download for their free fonts I don't end up downloading some strange critter of a file that changes my internet homepage or leaves me with more pop-up adds than computer screen.  Plus, they have fonts I have never seen anywhere else.  Seriously, I spend a side-tracked afternoon downloading over 100 fonts a couple weeks ago and then bribed Madison to open and install them all for me in exchange for me taking her dish day.  Score for me!  I was done WAY before she was.  Another strike against my Mother of the Year career-long goal :0{

Anywho, I cut these out of 1/4" mdf, painted them up, sanded, and used a ribbon this time to put the whole thing together.


It looks absolutely awesome from the street.  I have yet to get a picture from there, but I have to say I love this shutter filler sign better than any other so far.

Now to actually decorate for Halloween...Still failing.  One day these munchkins that live in my house will find a Mom to move in here and do all the fun things I just can't seem to get to.  Until then, they are stuck with "Spooky".

I did get my ghost finished too.  I finally settled on a face and got this guy together.  I would still love to add some fall floral picks or something around the neck area {sounds terrible, but looks great in my mind} but we can't wait for the moon and the stars to all align in order for me to get that done.  Can you tell I have been exasperated with my Adult attention deficit lately???  Must stay focused!

With all the vinyl I have been cutting for orders, I have just started cutting the faces out of vinyl too.  It makes them look all perfectly mouthed and such.  I decided to go with a smiley open mouth since I have the ghosty saying...
Don't you love it!?!  Halloween doesn't have to be all weird and gross.  It can be nice and friendly!

So, there sits Gordon the Cheerful Ghost next to the spooky sign, my sunflowers, and an American flag...I am thinking I will just leave one decoration out each holiday and then eventually we will never have to decorate again.  Each holiday will be represented EVERY DAY!!!

*sigh*  I need a vacation.  I think I have finally cracked.

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  1. Vanessa,

    Oh my goodness, those are the cutest Halloween decorations I've ever seen! I can't believe you made them yourself! I am totally jealous of your craftiness!

    You invited me to meet you and I'm so glad I did. What a fabulous blog you have! I'll be back!



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