Saturday, March 5, 2016

With Littles

Emmalee is the best at making an event out of a normal everyday day.  She decided we HAD to go to the Disney Store at the Mall of America and attend the Zootopia event they were hosting.  While we were at the MOA we might as well see the movie....and how better to enjoy it all than with BFF Ruthie!

Madison and I were allowed to go along incase these cute littles needed someone to hold the American Girl Dolls at the Disney store and the Disney dolls in the American Girl Store.  Whatever.  Share some hot theater popcorn with me and I will go along with just about anything ;0}

We checked out the Lea Adventure Academy they are having over spring break.  If you are near an American Girl store be sure to sign up!  Last year we just happened to show up at the store on one of the days and were so sad to miss out on all of it because prior registration was required.

I had already decided, premeditated style, to buy these girls a matching outfit for their dolls since they play together with their dolls so much.  We walked the entire store twice studying each and every outfit.  In the end, after a little arm twisting, these girlies decided they HAD TO HAVE musical instruments for their dolls instead of clothes.  

I love it!  I knew when this blond babe was in my belly that she would love music.  Every time a song played she jumped in my belly.  Ruthie loves music too, joined the band at school this year, so the doll instruments were pretty much perfect for these two.

After enduring several impromptu concerts I convinced the girls we should sew.

Serious fashion designs were sketched.  Two small knit t-shirts were lovingly sewn by excited little fingers.  Emmalee decided to put a violin on her t-shirt for her doll.

Ruthie designed a flute for the front of hers.  

We played until nearly 10pm when Ruthie had to go and our party dissolved into bedtime.

Ruthie went home, Emmers went to bed, and I sat there so totally happy.  I was in heaven today playing and sewing with these Littles.  The giggles and smiles and squeals of delight were simply intoxicating.  I have come to discover I REALLY ENJOY teaching other people, no matter their size, how to sew and paint and create.  What a fulfilling way to spend your time, using your energy and mind and all the working parts you are blessed with to shape and mold and create something from ingredients.  

Do yourself a favor.  Create something today.

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