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Fall Extravaganza/Vintage Market at The Barn

Mads and I woke up early Saturday morning and squirreled our way over to the barn at Thanksgiving Point last weekend.  Ever since our fabulously fun time at the Junk fair at Canterbury Park in Minnesota I have been on the lookout for a good vintage, junky fix.  This place did it for us.  It was sponsored by The Recaim-Ologists and Other Crafty Chicks.  There were over 50 booths of Vintage, Reclaimed, Antique, and Handmade items.  

BAm!  Right off the bat we were met with amazing things.  My first favorite seller was 
Pickin-N-Peddlin.  One of the few booths with actual vintage junk..that I want desperately!

I {love} me some old cameras.

Now...drum roll please!
My all time favorite moment of the day...Why not slap it down right at the start of this post...

Not only is this amazing stuff...But Brenda Durrant was a total doll.  

First, let me show you some of the things she has made...
Want it!  Want it!  Want it!

Adorbs.  That is a chalkboard circle, decorated as shown below, then accented with a metal "Hello" and flowers.

Yep.  And it is so easy!!!

Chalk Couture sells chalk paste, different than chalk paint, and vinyl stencils that are actually SILK SCREENING!  I just had the conversation with one of my favorite customers about how hard it is to make a stencil.  Either you need a multiple-step stencil or you have to attach all the middles of letters and such with lines that won't show up on your design....unless you have SILK SCREENED stencils!!!

Watch this.  Brenda handed me a stencil, some chalk paste, a squeegee, and then pushed me toward this chalkboard.  She is one smart cookie.  One try and I was hooked!

Put the stencil on the chalkboard...

Dab and/or rub chalk paste over the top with a q-tip then smear it in with the squeegee.  

Peal off the stencil...

Gorgeous!  It dries, stays there unless you wash it off or by chance end up scratching it off.  The extra dabs of excess can be easily washed away...even from your clothing!  

The stencils are re-usable, the chalk paste comes in all sorts of colors.  One chalkboard will provide a canvas for a whole year of playing and creating for the seasons.

So this is the next direct sales group that is going to be HUGE!  Want to get in on a company from the very beginning?  Give Brenda a call.  This company hasn't officially launched.  And they are looking for designers.  I am telling you, GIVE BRENDA A CALL!  I will be watching this company closely

I shouldn't have my two total favorites next to each other right at the start of this post, but this is seriously so darling I just can't wait!!!  I fell in TOTAL, TRUE, UNDYING LOVE with the Pink Squirrel Soap Company.  Seriously people.  This is the most cute, most beautiful, most unique soap I have ever seen or smelled or anything.  This girl also doesn't know how talented she is or she would double her prices immediately!

Look how beautiful that bar of Blueberry soap is!?!  And it has darling little berries on top.  And it smells like blueberry HEAVEN!

I actually hate bar soap.  I threw away all soap dishes, never a bar to be found in my house again other than the one bar I use for distressing wood ;0} and the storage of Irish Spring Mr. SewCakeMaker uses in his morning shower...and I Love that 
Irish Spring Smelling man...so his soap is safe.

Other than that...no bar soap.

But that may change.

I think I need this soap.

So do you.

I am not getting a cent to tell you about this.

You can start the process of owning one of these bars HERE.

But be sure to come back and let me know what kind you bought.
I NEED to know.  Cause maybe I need that one too. 

You can find her HERE

p.s. Pink Squirrel also sells bath and shower bombs.  Yep.  
I said shower bomb.  I didn't know they existed either.
Apparently you can drop one of these shower bombs into the...yep, shower, while you are...yep, showering, and the bomb will fill your space with eucalyptus and other heaven sent aromatherapy to clear the sinuses and open your mind.  Madison bought some.  I will let you know how she likes them.  She said they were cheap, like $1 each or something insane like that.  I'm gonna have to talk to these guys about their prices, so get in there before I do!

OK, so there were so, so many other booths worth mentioning.  

We just moved to Utah this summer.  Until then I had NO IDEA there was such a LARGE market for Halloween Spell Books.  Everyone that is anyone is making them ???  What does that make me?  I don't know, but check these out.  This shop had other things, but I was immediately absorbed by this table...I can't tell you what else there was.  These spell books were amazing, the potion jars were spectacular, AND
I'm still a little creeped out by the baby head on that frame.  
Awesome Halloween decor.

You can find it HERE from 3 Cavebabies With Bows.


See that wire wreath hanging on the white door, way on the left side of the picture above???
I want one.

It is made from antique bed springs and is utterly shabby-adorable.  I had my eye on one every time we passed the booth.  It was still there...still there...if it's still there I will buy it when I leave...

NO.  It was Gone!

Well, All is well my friends.  I tracked down owners James and Brenda and Brenda assured me she had 10 more at home just like it.  And they live in Riverton like ME!

Super cute.  I would sell one child for that door coffee table.  Just saying.  
Which child depends day to day.

Find them HERE

A Bit of Beck, what a darling booth!  You can find her HERE
Her pumpkins were the cutest things.
She had a close up on her FB page of some of her string art.  Check this out...
Want some?  I bet you can order from her through her FB page.

Once Upon A Craft, another darling booth.  What an awesome setup.  It must have taken all night to get set up.  I want that white couch!!!  It was $400 I think.  I will see it in my dreams at night when I lay to sleep. 

This shop amazed me.  It was all metal work!  I LOvE metal work!!!  It was such cute stuff too.

I must have this... 
It was 2 layers with the NOEL cut out of the front, lights run in between so the NOEL shines in the night.  Yes.  It must be mine...eventually.

Metaling Momma's stuff!!!  I want it all...and then 
I want her to show me how to mold metal!

These paper flowers were just precious.  I had to take a pic just to give her a shout out for having such a unique, creative, quality product.  I am living in a very small, squishy space, so paper sculptures are not on my shopping list...and pretty much everything else here must be refused, but these Rosy Paper Posies are amazing.  Definitely check her out on Etsy.  One of her creations would last much longer as a birthday or Mother's Day gift that the real flowers.

Here are a couple of her creations on FB...

You can find her HERE

This booth was owned by Bee Adore Clothing out of Eagle Mountain, Utah.  What fun, unique clothes!  I LOvE to see talented seamstresses doing what they love and making money while they do it!  Deanne IS talented.  She has the eye I wish I had to create and to upcycle with style.

{Vintage prom dresses are the next booth}
Bee Adore Clothing was Madison's first purchase.  She bought one of the adorable tanks on the left in the grey.  I was cruising around on the FB page and found this cute top too...
I LOve it Deanne!  The shape is so complimentary and the top is simply unique.  I will be coming back to you for sure!

{sorry guys for my lousy photos!}

This booth had me just mesmerized.  Everything was light pink, grey, or white.  It was all Paris themed or just precious.  

No wonder their actual name is Pearls, Lace, and Everything Sweet.

They are two ladies, each with their own site:
But they definitely come together in one beautiful style.

This was listed as their most wanted this past weekend...
And they are right!  That and the gorgeous tables they had!

Show is all set up! Come see me at Thanksgiving Point Barn, Lehi UT from 9-5! Tomorrow! It's going to be a great show! #woodworking #wood #wallart #reclaimedwood #rustic #homedecor #handmade #custom #holiday #christmas #winter #hgtv #homedecor #craftshow
Marray was a showstopper for me.  I know how long it takes to cut, and paint, and sand, and piece,and assemble a piece.  She makes those fabulous wooden quilt squares {and much more} but not painted onto a board.  No, no!  She cuts each piece, and sands and paints and pieces and glues 
it all into an amazing mosaic masterpiece.  
Marray is a wood Crafter, as in skilled worker and I have such respect for the beautiful things she creates.  Give her a call if you want a truly beautifully made piece of your own.

Find her HERE

I fell in love with that white bench.  I wish I had space for it, cause I still want it.
Salt City Vintage Made made all of these adorable things!

This unique, sturdy, classy furniture was made by 

I just stood and stared for the longest time...
Everything was simply gorgeous.  How nice it would look in my hobbit hole.

I loved this booth because it was one of the only booths inside with vintage junk!  We had it all over the place in farmland USA, but out here, it is hard to come by.  Stephanie told me she has booths in a few different places in the Salt Lake area on a regular basis, then does shows like this one as well.

I couldn't find a website or fb page for the Gardners, but I did find one of the stores they have a booth in...Funky Junk.
You can find them HERE on FB.  It looks like this coupon is good now too.
Let me know if you have been to Funky Junk of if you go in the next while.  I hope to check it out soon.

Another woodworker that I just loved, Impressions Shop.

She is one up on me, she has a cnc machine!  She can just punch a button and have the machine cut out all these fabulous signs.  I think I need to become friends with her ;0}

Check out this booth!  It was AMAZING!  So many signs, so little time.  

Here is where I have a little confession....I don't know who's shop this is!
When I find out, I will let you know ;0}

Did I mention Pink Squirrel Soap???
Apparently we hit the booth before they were totally set up.  We went for the early bird tickets and I didn't want you to miss the side view of these soaps!

How adorable it this!?!  This vintage booth was amazing.  You could go inside the gypsy camper and shop some more.  These guys were outside the other door and had even more truly vintage goodies.

Now, the fabulous Fall Extravaganza is over, but I have 2 more pics for you from a first time visit we made on the way home from the Vintage fair.  Mads and I stopped in at Rod Works in Lehi, Utah.

We will be back...often.

You can check that out online, but if you ever make a visit to Salt Lake, be sure to put Rod Works on your list of places to stop!  You are bound to find 12 things you can't live without.

Now, after the world's longest blog post, I need a rest...and I have 11 minutes until school is out.  
I am outta here!  But I will be back a whole lot sooner than last time ;0}

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