Monday, April 27, 2020

Getting Ready to Roll *Quilter Style*

Miracles DO HAPPEN!  I have proof.
This whole quilter table and machine lived in pieces on this floor since we moved in almost 5 months ago.  Now look at it!!!

Thanks to my fabulous husband who came to my rescue, it works!  
We had lost screws.  
I bought new ones.

The tracks were cracked in the move.
I bought new ones.

I couldn't find the instruction booklet.
I printed a new one.

After 2 days of screwing and lifting and wrenching, 
examining the diagrams, trying wrong sizes of screws....

I got this whole table together and.....

 the dumb machine would not stay on the tracks.

I gave up trying to do it all myself and lured my handsome husband 
into my quilting room with a wink and the promise I'd make it worth his while.

Hubbs pulled out a speed level and tweaked it a smidge 
and the whole thing purred into action for him.  

Show off.

With how many months it had been since I quilted, I started with something small.  
This was a baby doll quilt I made when I was trying to use up some scraps.  

I put minky scraps on the back, batting, and the cute flannel top on top, then started quilting.

Not too bad for taking so many months off.  
Now that I have everything running FINALLY, It is time to get some real quilting done!
Up next, my Popsicle Quilt.  
I can't wait to show you the whole thing when I finish sewing....

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