Saturday, December 14, 2013

Maken' Mangers

I got asked, on very short notice, last week to come up with a craft for the girls at church to do for their activity.  I had about 24 hours to come up with the craft and I spent about 23 of those hours agonizing over what to have them do.  

Finally I settled on making a smaller version of my What Child Is This manger scene I came up with a few years back.  Once I finally made up my mind the rest was easy.  I ended up making them just small enough to fit on a 2x6 board.  I finished cutting 10 mangers and accompanying parts just in time to leave for the activity.  

Don't ask me why this picture will only load sideways.  All I can say is it is rather indicative of how crazy craft nights with the girls can be :0}  

We painted and glued, 

Curled and twirled..

Until every girl had a little manger to take home.  We lost a few girls before I remembered to take the picture, but these smiley girls were a great representation of our cute and happy little group of crafters.  

Here is Madison's lil' guy.  I do happen to have the full sized version of the pattern for sale on my Etsy.  I took just about everything off TheBubbleBox tonight, but the patterns are still there.  I am hoping to get my snowmen from last year all patterned out and on the site soon.  

Clearing the shelves and cutting down the orders makes me so, so SO glad to finally have some time for my own life.  After a very successful season of selling, we in the SewCakeMaker house are looking forward
 to an even better season of worship and giving!!!  

Happy Holidays!

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