Monday, December 9, 2013

Bulletin Bliss

I feel so silly putting this on the blog.  In fact, I feel silly even posting after such a long absence.  

Can I just say that this has been the wildest Holiday Season I can ever remember?!?!
I will be back to talk a bit more, but for now, you get my one picture of my days work.

Emmalee's Kindergarten teacher asked me to come in last month and do a bulletin board for her.  I decorated it like a pumpkin patch complete with scarecrow, fall leaves, a little white picket fence, and so forth.  She was so excited about it, she asked me to come back and do a holiday board to display the holiday houses the kids made.  

After that, my life pretty much erupted into a haze of time and activity I don't really remember.  I just remember stress, crying, more crying, and a whole lot of doing.  I must have done alright, cause here I am, but Emmer's poor teacher was left to wait almost a week for me to finally get in to do the board.

You will hear all about the crap-load of life..or perhaps just remembering your own week-after-Thanksgiving joy is enough, so I will just tell you what I did to this poor board.

I snagged some of the school's colored butcher paper earlier this week...or last week, it is all one blur anyway.  I broke out the silhouette today and cut out trees, Christmas bulbs, and a couple different snow flakes.  I took the piece of white paper out into the garage {-8 degrees outside today by the way!!!}, laid the snowflakes on the paper, and lightly dusted over them with a light blue spray paint.  When the snowflakes were removed a pleasant little snowflake silhouette was left in the paper snow.  

Next, I made the ruffle boarder.  I snapped my ruffler foot onto the sewing machine and ruffled up a pile of 2" strips from an old sheet.  Beyond that, while I was ruffling, I moved the strip of fabric from the right to the left and back again, over and over, until it looked a little bit like ric-rack.  LoVe It!

I hot glued the sky to the white, then hot glued the ruffle all around the paper.  You see, there isn't actually a board behind this hunk of paper.  The first time I came in, I was told to just use masking tape and putty to hang the display up on the cinder block wall.  When I came to the classroom today, there were two hand tac strips installed to hold my creation.  Still, this is just a huge sheet of paper decorated at my house, then transported to school.

The trees were added, two at a time, one on top of the other, to give it a 3D effect.  We hung the houses that were done.  Apparently the morning class still has to make their houses.

That is about it.  So, I have pictures from a couple craft nights, a new baby, and ...I don't know.  I really just need to sleep, but I will be back.  In two days...or three..I am hosting my Scotch Expressions party.  We get to be creative with wrapping paper and I plan to make a whole slue of gift tags as make-n-takes.

Until then, Happy Holidays!

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