Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let It Be Christmas!

I ran down to Fairmont just before Thanksgiving and snapped a couple pics.  They sure got me in the Christmas mood!  These kids are adorable.

I am not sure what was going down here, but I think someone was going to snitch on someone else to Santa???  Thoughts?

Found this awesome basket at Hobby Lobby.  Not even sure how!  It was the only one I saw at any of the 5 stores I frequent during ornament season, and it was broken.  I couldn't resist it anyway.  One handle was broken off, so I just took the other one out, smoothed everything down, and snapped away at the shutter.

Can you even get enough of those rolls?  Oh BaBY!

Oh My Heavens!
Cutest Muffin top EVER!!!
I love this kid.
He never makes me work for a smile.  
I should pay HIM to take his pictures :0}

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