Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little Lottie

Meet Lottie.  Her name is Charlotte, but her family calls her Lottie.  Cutest nickname ever.  My niece is named Charlotte and I has never even crossed my mind to call her Lottie.  I may have to try it.

Anyway, sweet little Lottie was born on a blustery February day and warmed the frozen hearts of her Minnesotan family immediately.  She has the most perfectly round head and whisper soft skin, just like a fresh-from-heaven little angel should have.

One thing about this little girl, I COULD NOT get her to keep her mouth closed.  Get ready family!  If she is like any girls in my house, that mouth will just go and go, never to ever stop talking ;0}  Just a warning!

Awe, so sleepy.  So peaceful. 

Get your winks now...

Your brothers will be home soon and I have a feeling you won't sleep much with them around ;0}
They just love you too much for that!

Thanks Crystal for letting me come take pictures of your new little angel.  She is a doll <3 p="">

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