Monday, March 9, 2015

Embossing Gun Stand

I was doing a little light housekeeping of my photo file on the computer and came across these pictures!!!  Wohoo!  It is my lucky day.  Must be cause I cut this out finally, only minutes ago...

Anyway, I had a custom order for an Embossing Gun Stand just after Christmas, so I came up with the design, cut out two, painted up one and sent it off.  Well, the pictures I took just before shipping were accidentally deleted from my camera and I thought I didn't have any others.  Guess what?  I do!

It pays to clean out your computer files once in a while ;0}

Anyway, this stand is not painted, but when I ever get free time and energy all in the same minute, I will get a couple of these up for sale on my etsy.  Feel free to message or 
email me {vanessa.cam5 at Gmail dot com} if you want one now, 
painted or unpainted.

Otherwise, I will get back to looking for the other pictures I need ;0}

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