Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dad's Can Be So Marvel-ous

There are lucky kids out there in the world that have a Super Hero for a Dad.  My kids fall into that category.  My hubs was the inspiration for this Father's Day block set.  It was half his ability to walk in the door and pick up the pieces of our broken day, half his unmeasurable love of all things nerdy, Marvel characters included.

I knew I wanted some super hero symbols thrown about, along with some word bubbles and the Pow and Bam's.  I was about to put something about heros on the big block when I realized I could word-smith Marvel's logo into the whole design.  Then the "You Are Marvel-ous" turned into "You "R" Marvel-ous."  Yep.  This was just fun to play around with.  The blue city scapes are part of the paper pack I used, purchased from Micheals.  All the letters and hero symbols were made out of vinyl.

I decided to just have these two just hangen around.  They are not attached in any way.  The dowels are not glued in, making them removable and easier to store.

The back of these blocks are already mod podged with paper.  If I get through all the wedding projects I am working on this week I will get on a 4th of July set.  I am so excited!  Things have been so crazy for so long it seems like forever since I got to just play with wood and paper.

I don't know if anyone else is crazy enough to make this set, but I can tell you, I just cut a bunch of 4, 5, and 6" blocks out of 2x4's to play with.  The blue board is a 2x3" cut just as long as three blocks are wide...I think it was 10.5".  The bottom board was cut 1 inch longer than the measurement of 5 blocks.  I say it that way because I get 2x4's that are different widths all the time, varying almost 1/2".  Measure yours from side to side {should be around 3.5" wide} and multiply that by 3 and 5.

Anyway, you can get the silhouette cut files HERE too if you want them.  
The word bubbles and the Pow/Bam shapes should be in the silhouette files.  I used the silhouette to cut them out, then traced them onto 1/2" mdf.  Don't have a scroll saw???  Just cut those out of thick cardstock or chipboard and just hot glue them to the dowels.

Happy Summer!  Now to get working on those 4th of July blocks.  Knowing me, I will finish them an hour after the fireworks show ;0}

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