Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weddin' Work

Done!  I just finished scoring 200+ tent cards so we can get the little cow, chicken, or carrot stickers on them.  I don't want to give too much away, but this is just a peek at what Madison and I have been up to lately.  We are helping a friend of a friend with their wedding this weekend and just getting the finishing touches on a few things....and just starting a few others ;0}

I think you could sit down with a fresh bowl of ice cream and search Pinterest for a good solid 12 hours for placecard ideas and walk away more confused than when you first sat down.  Lucky for us, the bride and groom knew just what they wanted.  They ordered these SoSweEt luggage tags to let the guests know what table they will be sitting at.  Also, instead of table numbers, the tables will have names of places significant to the bride and groom.  Our job was to print the tags with the guest name and table name, then assemble the luggage tags back together.  I also have to make some holder thingys....like tomorrow.  3 more working days.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I spent a few hours designing signs too.  Here a just a couple...Remember these are mock-ups, or options, not final products!

Game Room signs.  I am kinda partial to the bottom one, but whatev.

Restroom signs.  Again, kinda partial to the bottom one, but who's counting.

And even funner {it's a work in my world}, The 7-11 signs.  The last name happens to be Levy!  How handy is that.  Let's start playing on words people!

And I guess you will just have to wait to see which version the bride and groom went with for over their slushy machine.  My backup plan was...

Love is Mushie
Have a Slushie.

Brilliance, I know.  Where do I come up with this stuff.

One last sign, I found a cute photo sign HERE 
chalkboard SNAP 8x10

and just added to it to make the sign below...
For the photo booth area.  Otherwise, people will just think it is a dress-up station at a wedding and that would just be weird.  It is obviously past my bedtime on a day of 16 hours solid staring at computers and papers that came out of computers.  I will save you from more torture and go to bed.  Have a great night!  More wedding worken' coming up!

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