Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How To Display...

Down to the wire now, I needed ideas to show our bride a couple different ways to display her fake cake and cheesecakes at the reception.  Guess what???  I didn't find any pictures online!

It appears people do one cake, or cheesecakes, or just giant buffets of all different cakes and desserts.  So, I guess I will have to walk through this one pic at a time.

{source}   Available HERE from Wilton for $60

I love the look of this stand.  It is clean and simple.  I don't think it will work for us though because the cheesecakes are coming from Costco and are like 15-18" wide, all of them.  With this stand, the sizes get smaller as they go up.

This one is cool.  It would work with cakes all the same size.  

I found it HERE for sale by Orson Gygi for $65.

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Stands like these, basically a cut log, can be purchased on Etsy, but if we went with these we would just make them.  Check out these other versions too...

Cupcake stands
How crazy is that one!?! 
It would be an amazing presentation I am sure.  It would be tricky to make that and make sure it is totally balanced I think.  Scott, my hubs would be in charge of that part ;0}

These displays are exactly what I have been wanting for slices of cheesecake or cookies.  Priced reasonable too!
{Image source}  Available from Wilton HERE for around $30
This is a low cost option, again varying sizes, but I think we could just use larger plates and make it work...maybe.  I would have to see it in person first.

Floating Tiers Cake Stand

Around $50 from Amazon

I love these!  They are gorgeous.  Orson Gygi also has a huge selection of this type of stand.

{Source}  Found online for $89
This particular site sells them as a 4 stand set, so to do this photo you would need to buy 2.

So, now that we have looked at stands, here are some "buffet" displays I found that might work with our cheesecake/fake cake setup.  You may have to use your imagination though.  Just take whatever deserts that are there and imagine cheesecakes instead ;0}

Beautiful!  A whole bunch of different crystal stands.  That would be perfect.

cake picture
I believe this display uses the clear acrylic stands.

I like the stair-step style of this display.  If I were them I would have done a square cake though, to go with all of the squares in the display.

Love the different heights.

Well, still undecided, but maybe one of these stands will catch my bride's eye.  If not, maybe it was a helpful collection for you.  More coming up on our wedding.  Less than 2 weeks and I will be able to show you what we decided ;0}

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