Friday, July 3, 2015

Just starting

I found myself with a day unassigned to someone else's project sooooo, I started remodeling this cabinet.  It has been living in my crowded garage for almost 2 years now.  At one point {pre-destroyed look} I put it on the curb, thinking it would be snatched up like back in Arizona.  Anything you put on the curb is gone the next day.  I guess Minnesotans are less scroungy cause after a couple days, and one terrible rain storm that knocked it over and soaked it in mud, I ended up pulling it back in the garage.  A while later there was a freak spray painting accident...and that brings us to today.  

I sanded it all over and started the up-cycle.  I nailed additional boards to the top {seen above} so that I had a base to nail crown molding to it.

Then I added this molding and ran out of molding AND time.  Dinner, running kids here and there, and all the while dreams of finishing this bugger have been swimming in my head.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day it gets finished being messed with and I can start to paint.  

Woot woot!  It is so great to do a little project just for me!
Stay tuned for the finished product...

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