Friday, February 5, 2016

BB My Valentine

Emmalee woke me up yesterday and informed me she needed valentines for today.  Don't ask me where I have been.  Somehow I thought we were good for another couple days.  Everything else went out the window as she explained to me what she wanted to do.

She wanted to make valentines this year, and she wanted to do Star Wars since even girls like Star Wars.  Eventually, between the two of us, we settled on a little sticker kit to make a BB8 magnet.

I cut out the wood pieces, Emmalee painted them when she got home from school, and we included a little treat and a vinyl sticker of BB8.  It isn't a huge activity, but it IS an activity ;0}

Besides, I am totally enamored with this BB8!!!

We went ahead and glued the magnets on the back.  I don't know how many kids actually have hot glue guns at home these days.  If I had a tad more time I might have put a glue dot in the kit so there was one more step by putting the magnet on.

Anyway, there you have it, Enough BB8's for one 2nd grade classroom.  I have the files for the tags and the silhouette cut files HERE for free if you want to try this project.  I cut the BB8's from wood, but craft foam would also be a great alternative to standing in the garage at 7 degrees ;0}

Doesn't he look cute in the one clear spot on our fridge???


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