Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Giant Fire

I got a special request for an extra large fire.  This guy was huge!  He was 20" wide and 30" tall.  My customer wanted it to stand flat against a wall, but inside of a fireplace surround.  After thinking a few days on what to do, this is what I came up with.

I used my normal Cub Scout firepit pattern, enlarged it to the specified size, then arranged it so the large fire could be attached to just 1/2 a log.  I figured then it would be flat against a wall.  I still wanted it to be 3-d, so I made the smaller flame, just half of it, and cut it so the flame would hang over the log from the first piece. 

It came apart into three pieces like these.  I was pretty excited when it all came together, and could still be taken apart for storage.  It was even more exciting to hear how happy my customer was with the project.  I just wish I could see how she had it displayed ;0}

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