Friday, April 15, 2016

A Little Photo Fix

Check this out!

I have been editing photos we took at our booth at the mall.  They are surprise pics for Mother's Day/Father's Day, so I don't want to spoil this little darling's present.  I just had to show you this little trick I learned!

Check out her little hand heart above.  She is adorable, and is actually a survivor or multiple heart surgeries, but I thought that perhaps that heart needed a little help.  I took it into Photoshop and with a little experimenting with Liquify, look!

Looking at this now, I think the bottom of that hand on the right looks a little goofy, and her pinkie on the other hand looks a little pointy, so let's modify just a bit.

I am subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription.  It gives me full Photoshop {which I am still just a baby at using} and Lightroom {LoVE, LOVE LOVE!!!}  It is TOTALLY worth the $10 a month I pay to have those two tools at my fingertips, even only working photography part time.

When you open Photoshop open the "filters" menu and choose Liquify {highlighted in blue above}.  It takes a minute, at least on my computer for liquify to open in a new window, but then there are a couple tools there you can use to push or pucker, or bloat your existing image.  I just kinda pushed around to open the heart up more, then played around with the other tools to get the look I wanted.

Here is my final result!  I like this one.  The heart isn't quite as perfect as the previous version, but I think her hands look more natural.  Obviously I am not perfect at this, but I AM totally excited to have had this much success!  Now, on to try a few other tricks!

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