Friday, April 1, 2016

New Props!

I was working feverishly all week on the props I needed for this weekend.  V Photography Studios has a gig at the mall!  We were invited to set up in an empty store there and have at it!

I managed to coax some neighbors over tonight so I could get a couple pre-pictures.  I LOvE THEM!  The neighbors AND the pictures!  Check out those smiley boys!

Probably one of my favorites.  I LOvE to catch real personality, not just frozen smiles.

We had a ton of fun playing around with the SuperHero backdrop.  There was a TON of smashing, let me tell you!  I can't wait to see what our little ones come with tomorrow.

So these are all meant to be a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift if the families want an easy gift.  We tried the backdrop the original way...

Then went a little crazy with things for a moment of flight time.  

That was followed up by a pretty involved beauty session before our RockStar backdrop came out.  These two brothers are just adorable!!!  Put a little colored spray in their hair and the wild side comes out.  I love it!  Man is my job fun!!!

I don't even know how to explain these girls.  They are just crazy...and fun, and so cute together.  Long live BFFs!

Now that our own private fun is over, it is time to pack everything in my car and drive the 2 hours to Fairmont, Minnesota for our first Mall Photo Shoot!  Yahoooooo, I am so excited.  Now if I could only get at least 4 hours of sleep....please!

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