Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Conversations

OK, I made my own Big Conversation hearts.  
You can access the files through Google Documents at the following links:
I printed and cut out the hearts, traced them onto 2x6" wood, then used my band saw to cut wooden hearts out.  I sanded the wood a little, then painted the hearts in colors to match the printables.  Modge Podge the printables to the fronts, let dry, then apply a top coat.  You can sand the edges if you want.
Enjoy the free project!!!  And be sure to thank Heather for requesting the files so sweetly :0)
p.s. the hearts are actually all the same size.  Don't let the pictures above fool you.


  1. Yippy!!! Woo Hoo!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! This is gonna be a FUN project to do... my kids will LOVE IT! Thank you again so much!

  2. I'm gonna try that but with foam core! Thanks for the great idea!!!!!


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