Friday, February 3, 2012

ToolBox Tuesday: SprayPaint Handle

So I am a little late with this post {as usual} but I didn't want to jip you out of a ToolBox Tuesday, so here we go!
The fabulous new tool I got during my Blue and Gold preparations was one of these handles you can use on spray paint.  I have the tenancy to cramp in my hands {lame to have this problem at my chipper young age}, so I thought I would give one of these a try.  The one above I found at Amazon for $3 and some change.  

The one I actually bought was this one.  It was a bit more sturdy, purchased for $7.something at Home Depot.  I figured if I was going to try it I had better spend the extra bucks for one that would last.  

So the way they work is rather simple.  See these two levers?  Just push them together with your thumb and pointer finger.

Here is a top view.  This is before I push...

This is pushing with my fingers.  See how the mouth opens?

Push the mouth open, then place on the paint bottle.

They all have a lip just under the nozzle where the handle can attach.  How amazingly smart.  I am thinking someone got more than a convertible out of this simple, yet helpful idea.

What did I use my spray paint handle on this week???
and this... 
and a couple other things.  Super nice with the huge amounts of spraying I was doing. 

My brilliant son saw the handle and started running all over the house looking for things to attach it to.  He eventually found out that our Lysol spray, sprayed into the garbage cans after we take a full bag outside, is the perfect INDOOR use for the handle.  Looks like my kids are determined to get my $7 out of this handle all in the first week.

See!?!  Works great!  I suppose you could use it for hairspray, spray glue, and anything else with a push-down nozzle.  Brilliant!

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