Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yummiest Mushrooms EVER!

Yep, these are the sweetest mushrooms EVER!!!
I know.  I made them :0)
It was my friend Mary's birthday and Toadstools are her all time FAVORITE.  She tasted my Oreo Cookie Pops a few days earlier and said she wanted more way more than a cake.  
What else was I gonna make her???

I did have to think a while on exactly how to make a toadstool cake pop though.
Here is what I finally came up with...
Classic Oreo Cookie truffles, recipe found HERE, among other places. {p.s.I just use my electric mixer to mix the cookie crumbs and the cream cheese}
 Roll into balls as usual.

Now for the creative part.  I used a knife to cut 1/3 of the cookie ball off.  Set the smaller portion aside.

Take what is left, and smooth over the sides.  When finished they should be rounded like a mushroom top.

Now, take the smaller piece, like in the image above on the left, and mold into a bell-like shape, like the piece on the right.

Do that to all of your cookie balls.

Now, take a paper straw or a sucker stick, slide it into the bell shape, all the way through.  Keep pushing the stick in until it has an inch or so above the bell.  Now dip this entire piece, from the bottom of the bell to the top tip of the straw into your almond colored almond bark.

Shake off a little of the drips, then insert that inch of extra stick into the top of the mushroom.  I rolled the pop around until the chocolate was covering the bottom of the big, rounded piece, then stand the mushroom on it's head until the chocolate is set.

It will look like this.  Now, dip into the red almond bark just until you reach the tan chocolate edge on the mushroom.  

Real quick, while the red is still wet, add a couple sugar pearls for the dots.  

Madison grabbed my camera and practiced a couple shots.  She is on the yearbook committee and thinks she is a professional photographer now :0)  I did like this picture of the pearls hitting the bowl.  We dump some into a bowl so we can grab them quickly.  Throw some pearls here and there, then go on to the next cake pop.

Finished product!  Love them!!!
They were so cute, all the stems all sticking up in different directions.
It was a little weird to eat a candy mushroom.
The important part was that the birthday girl loved her surprise. 

We stayed up WAY too late and ate WAY too many candy mushrooms, among other things.

Super sweet, super fun.  Go ahead!  You know you wanna give it a try :0}

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