Monday, November 25, 2013

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Don't think I am going to go deep on my thoughtful feelings about the holiday here.  I do that in the shower or when I am supposed to be working or something, not here on the blog :0} 

No, this is all about what to do to decorate for Thanksgiving!!!
Yep, I am that shallow.

Anyway, I wanted to do a little to decorate for our big family dinner.  We don't really do anything for decorations usually.  Since this is the second year in a row getting to be at the big family dinner since we moved back to the midwest, I think the fam is ready for some crafty craziness.  Don't you?

So here we go.  The first area of contemplation is a centerpiece for the big adult table.


First I must consider my own pilgrim ship I made a couple years back.  We lost a mast or two in the recent moving spree, but it could be easily repaired.  Hmmmm...  I did make these matching place cards...
I just don't think I have time to make 20 new ones.

OK, how about some other centerpieces I loved...
I am loving the whole wooden box thing lately.  Might have to whip up one of those.
DIY Here with TheIdeaRoom

Beautiful from InspriationForTheHome

Log Centerpiece that takes minutes to create and can be used for so many holidays & occasions!  Designed by @Jenna_Burger of
I still have tons of logs left from the wedding collection of 2013.  I could totally do this, although, you should know that those holes are pretty tough to drill.  The post says it is a 5 minute centerpiece, but you will need much more than 5 minutes to drill those holes :0}  Love it all the same!

Love this!!!  Don't know where in the world I would find the candles, but I love them.  

Fall (Halloween, Thanksgiving) / Pinecones in the vase....
I also really like this tall vasey look.  The only problem is these centerpieces can make looking at each other rather difficult, but that could be a good thing :0}

Next category...
PlaceCards or Place Markers

I do love the idea of ships!  These are adorable, but I think I would make them out of wood.  Simpler versions of the ones above.  

Teehee.  These little pilgrim shoes are cute too.  Made from paper you could get the kids to help make these.

While we are getting the kids to help, these ones would be fun too.  Little tee pees made out of craft foam.  

Want something more organic, how about a simple pinecone with a name card in it.  

The Wood Connection: Thanksgiving
I have to admit that this little guy is one of my favorites.  I searched all over the blog, but couldn't find the post containing the turkey, so HERE is a link to the pinterest pin.

vintage silver forks place card holder
I am AWFULLY tempted to try out these fork place cards though.  Wouldn't they be fun!  

Next up, 

cute placemats for kids table
These Kids Placemats from Pottery Barn are adorable!!!!  Way out of the budget and it is to late to order even if I were totally nuts anyway.  But, they are still worthy of posting.

Here is an entourage of printable kids placemats:

Kids Thanksgiving Placemat

Thanksgiving Placemat Craft pattern - girls

Um, I should mention, you need to look at this link.  Besides the placemat above, there are TONS of cute printables to download too!!!

Dry Erase Placemat HERE

diy thanksgiving placemats
Kids can make placemats like the ones HERE using clear contact paper.  

You KNOW I am a big fan of using my Silhouette.  Well, this whole project is made with the Silhouette.  You use the sketch pens to make the placemat, and then the other files included to make the little turkey crayon holder.  LOVE IT!!!

Another great post full of adorable Thanksgiving printables, including THIS placemat.
thanksgiving thankful placemats, crafts, seasonal holiday d cor, thanksgiving decorations, The Thanksgiving Thankful place mats on my entire Thanksgiving tablescape tutorials for the the items available
These Burlap placemats are so cute!  I love the weave at the bottom.

You should know too that Target had three or four different versions of kids Thanksgiving placemats in their dollar section.  I think you got 8 or 12 for $1.  That would be cheaper than printing them.  Check that out if you are in the store in the next couple days.

Hmmm...cutting scrapbook paper into the shape of that back plate and using it for the placemat...
I know that white bit there is actually a plate, but wouldn't it be cute to cut white scrapbook paper into that shape and use it as a placemat???  12x12 would probably work, right?  Again, sorry.  No viable link, just a link back to Pinterest.

Now for 
Napkin Rings 
 {which could also double as place cards}

Creating  a pretty bow around the napkin ring

thanksgiving napkin rings  I like the acorns

DIY Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Tags (Double Layered) - Vintage Inspired Thanksgiving Tags - Thanksgiving Napkin Tags - Thanksgiving Napkin Rings (Set of 8)


Pilgrim Napkin Rings

thanksgiving turkey napkin ring  & placecard holder

How to Sew Dinner Napkins


I think that is enough for one day.  I still want to figure out a couple crafts for the kids and maybe a treat for each placesetting, but for now, I gotta go.  Things are piling up all around me.  I do love this table runner though...
farm inspiration | lace details
I better put that on the list.  That and this Jar...
I think for the family dinner though, Emmalee had a good idea.  We can put each person's name in the jar and draw one out through the evening.  When your name is called you have to stand up and say something you are thankful for.  Sounds good to me!

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