Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let It Snow....Not

People still say that, right?  Not after some sarcastic sentence to insinuate it isn't at all what they want to see happen, right???  Regardless, I don't REALLY want it to snow another flake.  This winter has been so freaky with the temps.  I am just saying, what ever happened to global warming?  We could use a tad bit of that right now.

Anyway, I cut these letters out and painted them up in probably November.  I wanted a cute thing to hang on my shutter in January after the joy of Christmas was over and the dull, grey slump of January set in.  Well, I finished it today.  It took me that much longer to thing about that silly sign at the top of the thing, the "Let it" sign. 

Yep, this one.  I painted it a turquoise color with Americana acrylic paint color "Indian Turquoise."  I cut some snowflakes out of silver vinyl and the lettering is made with the font called "Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_dem."  Don't ask me where I got it.

The letters for "SNOW" were from the font "2 Peas Mr. Giggles," a personal favorite.

I used 1/4" MDF from Home Depot for all the wood.

So, now that my neighbors thing I am totally out of my mind, I better take this down and put my St. Patrick sign back up!!!

There.  Much better.  I will save my "Let It Snow" sign for next year when, after the long sticky summer, I still think snowflakes are beautifully mesmerizing.

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