Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Happy Couple

Well, the wedding is over, the guests are all gone.  We just got back from our week up North for a family reunion.  Everything was so beautiful.  My brother and his new bride are on the last few days of their honeymoon.  Here is a peek at the Happy Couple at the end of their fairytale wedding day.

All of these pictures were shot behind their wedding reception venue, Plymouth Creek Center in Plymouth Creek, MN.

These last couple are my favorites.  I just love that you can see the party going on in the background, but these two only see each other.  Best wishes Dave and Davie!  We call them Team Dave or "The Daves."  And Welcome to the family Davie!  

As for me, I have laundry and waiting orders oozing from every corner of my house at the moment, but as soon as I get caught up, more wedding photos and vacation photos will follow.  

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