Thursday, August 6, 2015

Groom's Dinner

Here are a couple pics of the Grooms Dinner we had the night before the wedding.  
It was 90-something degrees, 110% humidity, so the cakes weren't the only things melting in the heat.

Even with the extreme heat, those cakes held together like champs and were lovely to serve to the bride and groom.

The reception hall my brother David and his bride Davie had signed with do not allow non-licensed bakers/caterers, so that meant I could not make his wedding cake.  Well, the Groom's Dinner was my way around that.  My baby brother would get his cake one way or another.  I made this groom's cake just for him.  I used all the same recipes used for his graduation cake, but made a whole lot more.

This sucker was HEAVY!  I had to have Scott carry it out to the table, and by some miracle, he didn't drop it.  After about 20 min in that heat and sun the cake started to droop a little, but a little slip of a plate under the one side and it managed to stand for the rest of the dinner...until we cut into it...and then it was gone ;0}

The cake topper I made with my silhouette and a cereal box and some black vinyl, and about 2.5 hours at 3am.  Details, details.

I forgot to get photos of the picture frame centerpieces, so look close at this picture until I can dig them out of the box to photograph ;0}  I painted the little peg people one night just for fun, the D&D was made for the bridal shower I still need to show you.  The whole "Nearly Weds" sign just had to happen.  How sweet is that.  I cut that out on my silhouette also.  You can get at the cut file HERE in my dropbox wedding file.

Madison and I decided to make this "naked" cake for our new family member Davie.  My new sister-in-law Davie is just so gorgeous this cake reminded us of her.  She is so pretty she doesn't need all the frosting to make her beautiful, she is just naturally sweet.

This cake was a french vanilla cake with a fresh berry white chocolate mousse filling.  Can I just say this was to die for?  Is that tooting my own horn?  I don't think it is because I did not invent these recipes, just made them come all together on this day.  Man!  I wish we had a slice left over.  Yumm.

The flowers Mads and I crystallized the roses by brushing them with egg whites and dusting them with sugar.  They were left to dry for 48 hours before we used them on the cake.

Davie's family put together this cute wet bar and had the dinner catered by none other than Famous Dave's.  Duhh?  Who else would you have cater a dinner in honor of the "Dave and Davie" bridal party?  These two kill me.  They are so energetic and SO in love with each other.  

Everyone had a great time visiting and eating before the big day.  And yes, I am glad it is all over.  So special, so much work!

For half of the tables I made these centerpieces.  I took the couple's engagement photos, had them printed onto transparencies, and floated them in glass blocks full of water.  They turned out stunning.

I forgot to get pictures of the candy bars we made too.  I guess I have some work to do still.

Tomorrow I go into the hospital for a small surgery, so hopefully I will be back in business soon.  Until then, stay cool and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Hi there! This centerpiece is so gorgeous could you tell me how you make it? I absolutely love this?

    1. Rachel/Tiffany, sorry for the slow reply. Life just never does get calmer ;0}

      I LOVE these centerpieces and they are so easy. I bought glass block containers from Hobby Lobby. These ones are more expensive than the glass blocks from Home Depot, but they have a wide opening so you can fill them.

      Anyway, you just need a glass block and a black and white transparency of any image from the copy store. They are like $1. These blocks I used were about 7x7 so I sized my photo just smaller, had the copy guy make my transparency, and then I cut it to size. It took a couple tries and I had to basically clip off the corners because the glass blocks have rounded corners inside the block, but that was all. I put the transparency inside, filled with water, pulled the transparency away from the face of the block once the water was in there, just so it floated in the center of the block, that is it. We did end up with a lot of bubbles. I think if you don't want the bubbles, fill a drink pitcher or some other container with water, then poor it slowly into the block. Using water from the sink made it pretty aerated.

      I have done this and floated ribbon or flowers in the water too. Here is a very poor example from my Twilight Party I hosted a few years ago...

      It is just 4 or 5 pictures down. I didn't talk about the ribbon part, but you can see the red ribbon floating in the water.

      The glass blocks are $10 a Hobby Lobby, so if you do this, make sure to buy them on a week glass is 50% off. They go half off every 2-3 weeks. That was the only way I could afford to get 6 of them ;0}

      Thanks for asking!
      The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker


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