Monday, August 31, 2015

More Churchy Smash Stuff

I was looking for a file in my design program the other day and came across these.
I was released from Young Womens back in April and jumped right into teaching the 7-8 yr olds in Primary at church, then will all that was going on with weddings and family, I forgot to post these.  

Basically, as a youth teacher, some days I felt like lessons went in, then out all before the kids left my class.  I felt like what we were missing was time to think about the lessons and have the girls figure out how to apply them in their own lives.  I wanted a few minutes at the end of the class for the girls to write something that stuck out to them, or something they wanted to work on, to write down the weekly challenge or something.  

That was when I came up with the idea to print these out, the topics for each month.  Our curriculum has changed, the girls are to pick the lessons they think they need, but the monthly topics stay the same.  Since I am a HUGE lover of the idea of a smashbook, made just from a composition book {cheap at back-to-school time like now} I had to make a printable for the lessons.  Long story short, here are the files I made.  Feel free to print and share or destroy, whatever you need to do with these.  Let me know if you want them smaller or larger or something.  You can find them HERE in my dropbox or email me if you want original files.  Enjoy!

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