Thursday, September 24, 2015

If You Give A Mouse A Paintbrush...

I worked like a dog to get orders packed and shipped this morning so Madison and I could play this afternoon.   When playtime finally arrived, I started with one project hoping to get finished, only to run out of this or to have to drive someone there... At the end of my day there wasn't one finished project to show for the time, but a ton of fun was had!

The first project was to make three more of these scarecrow/snowman signs.  First the paint was touched up.  Next I reworked the vinyl faces, cut them and got them applied.  The painted noses were glued on and it was dinner time already.

The terrible thing is I wanted to paint my pile of new projects.  I didn't get that far...but I did get my turkey's legs and beak painted when I touched up my snowman noses.  Lol.  Some days I have to celebrate the small sucesses.

After dinner I glued some burlap around my no. 10 cans I use to hold my brushes and other junk, like glue sticks and my plyer collection.  I tried a couple of wooden shapes to be used as labels, but the pieces were all too small.  I have to cut bigger ones so that project will have to wait.

Last, I spent a couple hours working and reworking these three Cinderella pieces to fill Emmalee'S adorable metal frame I have for her room.  I finally got all the curls on the letters right where I wanted them, plugged the files into my Silhouette and hovered the whole time the machine cut.  I was totally excited to watch my design come to life.  Sadly, I have a busy weekend so these projects all have to hang for a while. 

It's OK though.  It has been such a long time since doing my own projects, I'm really just glad to have started   Have a great weekend.  I hope yours is full of fun, family, or creating!


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