Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Between The Bellows

Can you guess what this is?  It is what I have been working on between the bellows of my children today.  The first day of school finally arrived and I still felt like I got nothing done.  I did get a pile of vinyl orders filled, then made these little gems for a project I started with my sisters and Madison and Grandma yesterday. 

Here is one of my orders I have been working on.  It was one of those that you start, thinking it will be a breeze, then something goes wrong.  Soon everything has gone wrong and you have been at fixing it for days.  I think I finally got it pulled together.  This guitar picture frame is finally getting shipped tomorrow!

So here is the project we started yesterday.  This is one side of the project.  You flip this boar over...

And you have this!  This great idea was sent to me from Renae, a lovely lady in Fairmont, MN.  I am so glad she sent me the idea because I needed a simple little craft break!

I sanded and nailed together 4 of these yesterday.  We had time to paint them, but not get them all gussied up for the porch.  After a little playing around, I made some faces out of vinyl.  I know it is crazy to cut vinyl when you can just paint them, but I like the guarantee that they are going to be cute.  Faces stress me out.  Anyway, forgive the terrible phone photos taken in the middle of the night ;0}



Aren't they cute!?!  So easy and cheap{if you skip the vinyl}.  I will probably be back with a tutorial when we are all done.  For now, I will just be happy to have a moment of quiet tonight while all the little monsters sleep in their beds :0} 

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