Wednesday, July 1, 2020

My Popsicle Quilt

Check out my Popsicle Quilt!  
It is my first quilt finished here in Pennsylvania.  Wohoo!

I started my Sweetie Pie quilts after Christmas, but with all the monotony brought about by the Quarantine for Covid-19 I needed a spunky, summery project 
so I pulled out my little Popsicle table runner from my UFO pile and started sewing.

I have been obsessed with this cute little pattern for over 2 years now.  I think I have tried to get 3 different friends to make it with me, failing every time.

These little fabric popsicles were so cute, so easy to make, I couldn't stop myself from turning the pattern into a full quilt.  My goal for a few years has been to have a different cuddly quilt for every holiday or season, so this popsicle quilt was the perfect project for working towards that goal.

You can get the original pattern here from FigTree.

Even the cat was in love with my project.  
I ended up with 30 luscious popsicles, just enough to get a twin sized quilt out of the batch.
I was determined to only use fabric from my stash to make this, so that is what happened.  All the fabric stores were closed and the shelves at Walmart were empty, so there really wasn't any other choice anyway.

The topper was finished late one Craft Day Thursday.  It was probably another 2 weeks lost agonizing over fighting my quilting machine before I actually put needle to thread.  

This whole machine quilter set-up was found on craig's list by my cousin, who bought it, loaned it out to friends, but in the end she was so frustrated by the sewing machine never working that she gave it to me for a steal.  I have worked and fiddled and cried, prayed, said some bad words, said some more prayers, taped on straws, taken off whole parts, spent a few hours just sitting staring at the machine wishing for a genie to come and make it want to work.

By some miracle I have been able to keep the darn thing running, but I really think it is just because of  the prayers alone.  This quilter is much like my car.  I thank the Good Lord it is still working and acknowledge completely it is ONLY because of His Grace that they keep going day after day.

Because of it's fussiness I cannot do any fancy quilting patterns, just a breezy swirly path.  I told myself that if I can prove frequent use, then I can start looking for a new machine...maybe a computerized model, dare I say :0)

Anyway, Here she is!  Isn't she beautiful???
As usual, Emmalee has claimed it as her own personal couch quilt. 
 I have to use the Valentines quilt.  I am fine with it.  
I am just so excited to have finished this project and that everything worked out as well as it did.  

I think the fabrics I had worked out great.  I had to work a little bit to have enough scrap fabric for the background.  Most came from Farm Girl Vintage quilt scraps.  I just pieced and sewed until the whole thing came together.  

And the Minky for the back...I had that in my stash too.
I can't remember what I bought it for, way back before we moved, 
but it worked great for this quilt!

And again, my sweet husband helping me out by being the perfect quilt rack, lol.
I love him so much.  He puts up with a LOT around here.
Now that this popsicle quilt is finished, I have a special quilting project for a friend.  I will be back with photos of that soon enough!

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