Thursday, July 2, 2020

Finished For a Friend

With America under quarantine people be goen' CRAZY!
One of my BEST friends in all the world, Wendi from Amarillo, Texas suddenly had all of her 6 kids hovering around her again.  One daughter recently returned from an LDS mission in Louisiana.  Between the mission, church camps and activities from younger years, and high school theater and various other t-shirts Alysa had enough shirts for a whole quilt.  

I was super impressed when Wendi sent the first photos of Alysa's work.  She just decided to make a quilt and sat down and did it!  I need more of that in my life, lol.

Alysa chopped up every shirt, ironed each one to interfacing, then stitched them all together.
I told Wendi to pop that sucker in the mail and I would quilt it for her.

I probably should have thought twice about that.  The quilter was SO NAUGHTY!
The thread broke probably 20 times on one shirt.  So embarrassing.

With a whole lot of determination and taking the frustration in small, 
2 hour bites of time over a couple days, and a thread change halfway through the nightmare of that first row....  It is done!

I just used scraps of the sheet Alysa sent for the backing to make the binding and bound the whole thing for the girl.  

Wendi wanted to see pictures before I sent it so it was time to beg my husband for a little help again.

It is so nice having a 6' 3 husband to use as a human tripod...


And there you have it Alysa!  It is packed up and on it's way to you ;0}
Now on to the NEXT project!  I will show you the quilt I whipped up the week before Father's Day for my sweet husband next time.  It was so fun to make. 

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  1. Beautiful!! You did such a fabulous job and Scott made a good display rack! Thank you friend! She will cherish this forever ❤️


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