Thursday, July 16, 2020

Quilten' For My Man

Here it is!  The quilt I whipped up for my hubby for Father's Day ;0}

I happened across a going-out-of-business sale at one of my favorite quilt stores last summer and scored the quilt kit for a fabulous deal.  I have been pulling this kit out of my UFO pile for small snips of time ever since then, cutting, looking for the pattern in our moving boxes since it was accidentally packed from September 2019-February 2020.  Finally found it, did a happy dance, then waited patiently until it's turn finally came.

It is a pretty simple pattern, only 4 log cabin style blocks.  The biggest recommendation I have for this type of quilt is be sure to square up your blocks all along the way.  When I went to quilt this gorgeous thing the inner part of the "cabin" was a little baggy.  That could have been avoided with a little more consistent squaring up.

Ignore my messy desk.  It always looks that way but you are not supposed to see that.  

I managed to finish sewing the top, but was not able to quilt it by Father's Day.  I did, however, quilt it the Monday after Father's Day and hubs came home to his very own quilt...
and then had to be my quilt model so I could show you pictures.
He is so sweet.  How does he put up with me!!!

Isn't he cute!  I sure love that guy.
It is a good thing he is very tall, because the quilt was VERY TALL.  
Actually it was the other way around...
I had to add an additional boarder because I wanted it to go just under his chin and travel all the way to wrap under his manly feet at night.

There it is!  What a rewarding project!
It did take more time than I thought, but could totally be stitched together at a nice weekend quilting retreat with a little pre-cutting.

Be sure to label all the pieces!!!  
I use post-it notes and label each strip and it was still just a little confusing to follow.  

The shop I bought the quilt kit from was Elaine's Quilt shop.  I believe this particular quilt, using these colors and this arrangement of the 4 blocks, was their addition to the pattern.  They are now part of My Sister's Quilts in Sandy, UT.

Typically these days I use minky on the back of any quilt I can possibly afford to, but my hubby wanted a summer quilt just light enough to keep the air conditioning off his skin.  Instead I used a king-sized top sheet that is heavenly soft to keep him comfy at night.

Now hubby is properly dressed in a sharp looking manly quilt
 every night for his travels to dreamland.  He is worth every stitch!

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