Friday, March 29, 2013

Miscellaneous Maker Stuff

I finally took down my St. Patrick's Day decorations that have lived on the mantel for over a month now.  I wanted to snap a quick pick of these guys before they hit the storage box.

The three non-sparkly shamrocks above were cut out the same time as my snowman head in January, intended for the front door, but alas, they were also too small.  I am totally happy though because they made a festive addition to the mantel.  I had intended to make a huge leprechaun head for the front door in their place, but never managed to get that project done.  Watch for him next year ;0)  I have the whole idea totally imaged in my mind...I might even have to make him next week just to make sure he is born!

Here are more of my shamrocks and the cute sparkly rainbow I made last year.  Looking back now I didn't do a very good job of posting them :0O

I also made this Easter Egg for a Door Decoration, just in case the bunny didn't work out.  

It wasn't actually that.  I had both the bunny and the egg swimming around in my head and decided to make them both.

Don't you love the little chicks!?!  I am not sure I love them on the egg, but they did turn out darling!  They are just missing a little squirt of yellow feathers on the top of their heads and they will be perfect.  I will get on that later :0)

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