Monday, March 11, 2013

Scrappy Paper Dolls

I found this idea on Pinterest just a couple days ago.
What a great, guilt-free way to use up fabric scraps!!!  This idea was presented by ThisMamaMakesStuff

She has free printable dolls HERE.
  With out Disney trip in just days, I wanted some little activities we could tote along at the airport or in restaurants to keep the kiddos busy.  I took this idea and ran Disney with it.

I went ahead and included boy-type pictures too since my nephew will want to do some scrappy projects too.  I have only included 5 of the pages I made up, but you can download all HERE with dropbox.  Where we will be traveling, I have made the dolls in half-sheets to cut down on the space they will take up.  Think of them as a "travel" version ;0)  I have also taken the original paper doll downloads and made them smaller so you can fit 2 on a sheet. 

I found all the images by searching for coloring pages online.  The following are links to some of the pages.  Some sites were endless suppliers, so I started just linking to main sites.  

When I get the kit together I will try and show you the kids in action.  I am really excited about this project, so hopefully they will be too!

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