Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Is At Our Door

I feel like I have been painting for four days now.  I finally got to some wood projects Monday between running children, napping {still trying to recover from our "vacation"}, and trying to get my house clean enough to show {YeAH rIgHT!  Like that is ever gonna happen!!!}.

I cut out this handsome devil and about a thousand other projects :0)
The number of projects cut out is why I didn't get Sir Hops-A-Lot finished and on my door until today.  We are leaving out of town today...did I mention that!

That means I won't even get to enjoy seeing his cheery face upon my door step, but my neighbors can wink at him for me as they drive by.

I made the majority of my bunny out of 1/4" mdf plywood.  I cut him out, sanded the edges like I love on my disk sander, then painted him up, sanding again, then gluing him all together.

This door is not mine, so I haven't hammered a hole in it to hang my projects.  That is why I have the unsightly wreath hanger, but when we move, I am hoping to put it to rest. 

"Emmers.  I am still taking pictures, Love.  
Can you shut the door please?"

Emmalee's response: 
"Oh, so sorry to ruin your picture Mom!  I thought you were finished."

Mom's response:
"Darlin', you could NEVER ruin my pictures :0) 
You are my dolly!"

We in the Sew*CakeMaker household wish you a very reflective Easter weekend, 
Not all about the bunnies, but about the love and sacrifice that inspired the holiday.
Oh, and have a very Hoppy Spring!

p.s.The pattern is for sale, only $4 and instantly downloadable on my Etsy site.  Let me know if you have any questions ;0}


  1. You my goodness, you are killing me with the cuteness! I NEED one!!

  2. Cute pictures! I love seeing Emmy through the window! The Easter Bunny is absolutely Charming, warming, and cute! Love Mom.

  3. Do you sell patterns??

  4. I would love to buy the patterns for a lot of the wood projects you've posted...please let me know if you sell them...adorable!

  5. I too would like to purchase a pattern for this adorable bunny!

  6. I have the pattern for sale! You can buy it now for only $4 on my Etsy site!!! Here is the link:


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