Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fall-ish Family Photos

I wanted to get some of the fabulous clothes I just recently made on the blog today, but to be totally honest, I just don't have the energy.  Instead, I will show you some family pictures I took in the fall.

One night after our movers threw all our belongings into the garage, this cute family came over and helped us get the heavier stuff inside.  
As a way of saying thank you for their so sweet kindness, I offered to take their family pictures in the park down the street {at a later date- I didn't make them crack a smile after they were covered in our dirt ;0}  
*How darling are those girls!?!*

With Mom's flaming red hair and three adorable girls, this family was SO fun to capture on film!

It was so fun to finally have trees and water and bridges to photograph!  
I tried a couple other photo shoots this winter, but MAN was it cold!!!
No more winters full of family photo shoots for this girl.  Arizona made it nice, South Dakota does not.
I am however hoping to hit the parks this spring and start clicking away with families again...
when it works around our upcoming MOVE....

Yep, that is right.  Why live in one house when you can move before you have officially unpacked the last box???

The Sew*CakeMakers are moving to Minnesota this summer, the Twin Cities area.  We loved Sioux Falls, SD, but not the job.
Cross your fingers for us with this move. 
I am really over the "thrill" of moving  :0p

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