Monday, July 29, 2013

Crafters Heaven!

On our way home from our family trip up North, I forced my mom and sister to stop in St. Cloud, MN to check out this awesome store, Crafts Direct.  It was just as amazing as everyone told me it was.  With only a few dollars left in my pocket it was REALLY hard to pick what was going home with me.  I snuck a couple pics of projects I would LOVE to do if I ever make it back up there to shop again.

This cute display would be great for the wedding we have coming up in September.  It would be cute outside the reception hall or in inside too.  It was made with those cardboard/paper mache letters sold at just about any craft store.  What a cute idea to paint them and wrap them in twinkle lights!

Oh Shelby......wanna add another thing to our lists???

You know, I have always loved the whole, hang things on a iron rod thing, I just forgot all about it!  These cute rods are for sale at Crafts Direct along with all of the hanging attachments AND EVEN THE FRAMES!  One stop crafting.  There really isn't anything better :0}

How cute are these frames!?!  I LOVE the scrapbook paper used as matting behind the pictures.  Why do I never think of that?

OK, I have never seen these glass blocks used as piggy banks before!  Wouldn't that be cute as a Wedding Fund or Disneyland Fund, or Mission Fund jar?  Super cute.  Not only did they have these ideas on display, but they also had all sorts of vinyl you could buy to decorate your blocks.  Fabulous idea!

I only took a pic of this magnet because I have been dabbling in crafting with tin cans and this flower looks totally do-able.  More on that in the next while ;0}

Awe.  So sweet.  I love the cutesie flowers on top and the saying reminded me of my mom and her sisters {since I had just been with them all this past week}.  When I went back and looked at the pictures I was like, "Why did I take a picture of that?" thinking that my sisters wouldn't like that {tee-hee}.  Nope, I was still just amazed at how awesome a relationship my mom and aunts have.  I think it takes getting old and moldy, or perhaps living away from your family for years and years to really love and appreciate sibling love.  I think it is totally awesome and am SO GLAD I get to be back here with my nutty little brothers and sisters so we can experience life together again.  What a blessing! {even though they are all weird :0}


  1. If Crafts Direct had a store within 200 miles of me I would be there at least once a week. Do they have an online site? I'm officially jealous that you got to go there.

    1. Pardon my super late response. Just cleaning out my emails and I saw I never answered your questions. So, for some totally useless info now, No, sadly. Crafts Direct has a web site:

      With project ideas and that, but I can't find anywhere to buy online. Maybe you can find it {I am currently crazy ;0} Thanks for commenting though! Happy January!!!

      The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker


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