Monday, July 1, 2013

Girls Camp SmashBook Elements

I have been working feverishly on this sheet of clipart for Girls Camp.  I am NOT an illustrator, so this little sheet was quite a job for me.  I made a rough sketch of the activities our girls will be doing during girls camp this year, scanned it in, then fixed it with my computer program.  I will have a sample book by the end of the week.  Rather than using smashbooks, we are going to do a paper bag album, but the elements above will be fabulous for a smashbook.  

I was called to be an advisor to the Young Women here in Rosemount.  I just recently found out they needed a couple rainy day activities for the girls.  Luckily, I had this set of clipart mostly finished already.  My plan is to have these printed up at Office Max {so the ink doesn't bleed when colored}, give each girl a sheet at camp to color and cut out, then have the books ready to go with a sample they can copy if they like.    

If you would like this file, it is downloadable HERE with dropbox.  Let me know if you have any questions :0)


  1. Thanks! Working on some last minute Girls Camp stuff and this is perfect.

  2. Thank you for sharing I just found these and love them.

  3. Thank you for sharing these! My daughter attended girls' camp for the first time this year and will love adding these to her smash book. :)

  4. Thanks for this! We're doing paper bag scrapbooks at camp and were looking for something to add to it. These will be perfect. We'll just cut off the 2013!

  5. so cute!! well done! now to figure out when and where I could find time to use it. :-)


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