Monday, July 15, 2013

National Ice Cream Month

Happy National Ice Cream Month!!!
The official day of celebration is July 21st, National Ice Cream Day, but ice cream is so fabulous there is no way we can celebrate in just one day :0) 

 I am so excited to work once again with the and share with you Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream program, “A Reason to Smile.” Building off the success of last year’s initiative, the brand is once again partnering with Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity, to make possible 500 reconstructive surgeries for children around the globe suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.
Dreyer's/Edy’s ice cream will post content on its Facebook page every two weeks encouraging telling all of us how to help and donate to Operation Smile. Each uniquely stamped “A Reason to Smile” post will feature different methods of participation – from liking and sharing to commenting – creating personalized opportunities for all of us to engage with the cause and help Dreyer’s/Edy’s ice cream reach its goal of $125,000 in donations. 
The program will kick off in July, which is also National Ice Cream Month, and run through the month of September.  
As if that’s not enough of a reason to smile, Dreyer’s/Edy’s is also launching new Limited Edition flavors that they’d love for you to be the first to try! This summer, you can choose from the below:
  • “Take the Cake”:  Yellow cake-flavored light ice cream with a frosting swirl and multi-colored sprinkles. It’s the classic combination of cake and ice cream in one convenient carton.
    • Available in Slow Churned Light Ice Cream.
  • NEW “German Chocolate Cake Spectacular!”: If you froze a German Chocolate Cake and then exploded it into a carton of chocolate ice cream, you’d end up with this amazing limited edition flavor. Chocolate ice cream with a caramel coconut swirl and brownie pieces. 
    • Available in both Grand and Slow Churned varieties
  • NEW “Sunny Salted Caramel Pretzel”: salty, sweet and oh so scrumptious. Vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and pretzel pieces. It’s probably the greatest flavor combination in the history of the world.
    • Available in both Grand and Slow Churned varieties
  • “3 Stripes You’re Out”: America’s Favorite Pastime has a new favorite flavor! Vanilla Ice Cream with Mixed Blueberry and Strawberry Swirls. This Limited Edition flavor will leave your home crowd on its feet cheering!
    • Available in Grand Ice Cream.

Can I just say my family was more than a little excited to try out the new Dryer's/Edy's flavors!
Of all of my commissioned posts, this has to have been their favorite!
{p.s. feeling SUPER BAD that Madison had to miss the fun since she was at Girls Camp}

German Chocolate Cake Spectacular was our first try.  Apparently Dad got a head start on that carton last night ;0}  He ReALlY likes it!  I liked it too, to my surprise.  I love the coconut taste that swirls in your mouth with each creamy bite. 

 Eli even liked it and he doesn't like coconut. 

Next we tried the "3 Stripes You're Out" berry ice cream.
This yummy ice cream was so smooth on my tongue.  I don't really care for berry ice cream very much, but this was really refreshing.  My Mom LOVES berry ice cream and I can't wait to dish her up a bowl.

I would totally buy this one again.  Of course I would totally buy any of these again, so who am I to judge :0}

Last, but not least, we tried the Sunny Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream.  The salty bits of pretzel are such a nice complement to the sweet caramel and creamy vanilla ice cream in this carton.  

I tell you what, I still have one flavor left to try, the "Take the Cake", but Dryer's/Edy's new Limited Edition flavors have landed a spot in my freezer. 
We will definitely be buying them again. 

Now, I have a couple more things to tell you.  All but one of these new limited edition flavors are part of the Slow Churned family.  Slow Churned means "All the taste and 1/2 the fat {with 1/2 the fat and 1/3 fewer calories than regular ice cream}!  That means better looking in the swimsuit while still eating ice cream ;0)

Next, be sure to check out Dryer's/Edy's facebook page @
for how to help them make their goal of $125,000 in donations to Operation Smile.

Lastly, yet oh so important, Dryer's/Edy's has given me TWO coupons for free Dryer's/Edy's ice cream to give away to one of you!!!

I used these very coupons for my ice cream.  They were totally awesome to pull out when checking out, resulting in us walking away with bags of creamy chilly funness without spending a dime.

Here is how you can enter to win these coupons...
1-Leave a comment about your favorite flavor of ice cream or a funny ice cream story.
2- Become a follower on Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest, or Networked Blogs {be sure to come back and let me know you already are or started following}
3-Like Dryer's/Edy's ice cream on Facebook and come back and leave me a comment telling me you did it.  
4-Tweet about your favorite ice cream moment on Twitter with the hashtag #ReasonToSmile

I will close the giveaway Saturday night at midnight, Minnesota time and announce the winner shortly after that.

Good luck!  I hope you win.  These new flavors are To Dye For!!!

{This post is brought to you by Edy's and TheMotherhood.  I was provided with product coupons and compensation for my time, but all opinions are mine.}


  1. We usually get vanilla so we can mix berries in. But, if I got a free container I would try a 'fun' flavor.

  2. Favorite flavor is Deryers Drumstick. Well, at least right now that's my favorite. It changes all the time.

  3. I don't know if I official follow you on any of those mentioned but I do stalk you on all of them. ;-)

  4. I liked Deryer's Ice Cream on Facebook.

  5. i've already tried take the cake, and it lives up to its name! I'm also a big strawberry cheesecake person!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

    1. You are my big winner! You will get two vouchers for the Dryer's/Edy's ice cream in the mail. I just need you to email me your address at and I will pass it on to to mail those out! I hope you love ice cream, cause you are gonna have a lot! I used my vouchers at Target and they didn't just give me one free carton, but the full $6.99 value. There was a promotion on that day, if you bought 5 cartons of Edy's ice cream you got a $5 Target gift card. We used three vouchers, got 6 cartons of ice cream and a $5 gift card. Score! Good luck to you :0)

      The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker

  6. i follow you on pinterest as kolpin

  7. i liked Edys as Daniel Budsy on FB

  8. i tweeted


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