Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Getting Buggy Around Here

Lady Buggington has made herself known.  I have been hiding this beauty inside, hanging on my door to the garage, waiting for the right weather to come outside.  Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota, and I thought an effort to welcome CUTE bugs would be well worth my time.  Heaven knows the ugly ones will start appearing any day now ;0}

I made this sweet lady out of 1/4" mdf and a little bit of beaded plywood.  She is a simple one, but the splash of red on my porch complements the flurry of activity in the neighborhood just fine.  I love the swirls that make up the wire antennae.  I think that thick, flat floral wire would be a nice way to make the antennae, but I was a little impatient and wanted my girl complete like yesterday!  This 16 gauge black aluminum wire did the job.

After she was all painted and sanded I sprayed her down twice with a nice clear spray paint.  I love the stuff.  I might as well invest in the Rustoleum company because I use a couple cans a week with my orders and all my new stuff.  

Speaking of new stuff, I found a fabulous Garage Sale Store in Eagan, MN.  I say it is fabulous because, unlike all the chain thrift stores in these here parts, it was actually affordable.  This lampshade would have cost me $7.99 or more at Savers or Goodwill.  It was $3.00 at the Garage Sale Store, and then 50% off after that.  

That low, low price was what made it possible for me not only to purchase the lampshade, but to reduce it down to this wire frame.  I bet you can't wait to see what I make with it, can't ya'?  Hopefully later this week I will get the chance to tackle that small sewing project.  

Things have been so crazy lately I am finding it harder and harder to get real work done.  I don't know if it is just spring, or the fact I now have teenagers that have to be driven all over the state, but I find myself wanting to just sit and rest OVER CRAFTING!!!  What is this world coming to!?!  

Don't worry.  I have plenty of projects up my sleeves.  There is a whole pile of started Memorial Day/4th of July projects sitting here, dozens of patterns waiting to be written, photos to edit and post, a stack of sewing projects...Whew!  Just the thought makes me want to retreat to the couch and play a couple more rounds of Candy Crush.  

I will be back.  After all, Lady Buggington isn't the only Bug buzzing round my porch.  See you soon with more little critters and hopefully a pattern to go with them!
Happy Spring!!!

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